RAL and DB colours for aluminium profile systems

A variety of design options with a wide standard range of RAL and DB colours.

RAL and DB colours are the most frequently used colours for coating windows, doors, curtain walls, sun protection, roller shutters or roller doors. heroal offers you more than 500 standard RAL and 20 standard DB colours for extruded profiles, for example for windows, doors, curtain walls and patio roofs. For roll-formed profiles, such as roller shutters and roller doors, heroal offers you a selection of colours. Additional shades of colour can be individually produced on demand. Not only is the well-thought-out choice of colour important for the desired effect, but also the gloss rate. It describes the directly reflected light: the higher the gloss, the more light is directly reflected. The RAL colours of heroal’s hwr powder coating are available with different gloss rates – ranging from dull mat through mat, brilliant and satin-gloss to metallic and speckled effects. Furthermore, the haptics of the surface can also be refined by a fine structure. In contrast to RAL colours, DB colours contain the effect pigment “hematite crystals” - these colours are predominantly used for steel components used for bridges or platform roofs.

What’s so special about RAL and DB colours by heroal?

Weather resistant

Highly weather resistant heroal hwr powder coatings and heroal 2-layer thick coatings prevent flaking, fading and erosion.


heroal RAL and DB colours stand out for high UV-protection. For example, the Florida test by GSB showed that heroal coatings withstood the extremely high UV-radiation and salty marine air for 36 months – without any change in the surface.

Subtlest nuances

RAL colours can be created in many different gloss rates, ranging from dull mat through brilliant to metallic – for surfaces with subtlest nuances.

Test heroal‘s variety of colours

Use our heroal colour configurator, and test the variety of colours for windows, doors, sliding doors, curtain walls or canopies and patio roofs. You can zoom in and out, or turn the aluminium surface, and explore true to detail light effects and 3D structures. Via the drop-down menu, you can choose from different colour categories and surface structures.

Individuality through variety:
Designing architecture with heroal

In our brochure, you will find all colours, surfaces and textiles at a glance.

Brochure colours and surfaces

Coating technologies for RAL and DB colours

heroal hwr powder coating for windows, doors and patio roofs

For decades, heroal has set international quality standards in the field of aluminium coating. With the best values in terms of colour stability, gloss retention, weather resistance and UV-protection, heroal hwr powder coatings meet the highest demands of Qualicoat’s class 2 and GSB’s master quality (quality seal for piecework coating) – of course, fully complying with all ecological requirements.

Coating process:

  1. aluminium base material
  2. chromium-free passivation
  3. heroal hwr powder coating

heroal 2-layer thick coating for roll-formed roller shutter and roller door profiles

Thanks to heroal 2-layer thick coatings, roll-formed aluminium parts, like slats for roller shutters and roller doors, are especially colour-intensive and colour-fast, as well as abrasion-proof and weather resistant. The thick coat is applied in a rolling process and then stoved at 240 °C. After the application of a clear coat, the elements are finally roll-formed. This is first class quality. Therefore, the classification society Germanischer Lloyd certified the 2-layer thick coating as suitable for being used on ships.

Coating process:

  1. aluminium base material
  2. pre-treatment
  3. prime coat
  4. clear coat


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