Door system heroal D 72 PF EM
Single-sided sash-concealing panel
Double-sided sash-concealing panel
Double-sided sash-concealing panel
Front door with heroal D 72 PF EM

heroal D 72 PF EM

Door sash profile for a fast and efficient fabrication

The new sash profiles heroal D 72 PF EM es and bs are based on the heroal D 72 system logic. They offer a particularly fast and efficient front door manufacture with no need for additional tools. The profile geometry including a fixed inner stop without glazing bar (PF = ”Panel Fixed“) has been designed for a standardised door panel thickness. This, as well as additional design features, provides for a particularly easy and efficient manufacture and installation (EM = ”Easy Mount“). Hence heroal D 72 PF EM is the perfect system for an extremely efficient fabrication with a limited range of design options and accessories.

  • Reduction in working steps and material input in manufacture
  • Throughput times improved by up to 20 %
  • For a particularly efficient fabrication

    Product Details

  • Processing advantages & product details


    heroal door systems stand out for their great fabrication flexibility, a reliable and fault-tolerant manufacture, reduced manufacturing cost and short manufacturing times. For these features, heroal D 72 PF EM won the Innovation Award Architecture+Building at BAU 2023.

    The profile composite with slide-in spring provides for protection against warping without much manufacturing effort, while at the same time offering the best production reliability. As the door sash profile does not require a glazing bead, fabrication is particularly fast and easy: The sash profile with fixed inside stop (PF = "Panel Fixed") has been designed for a standard door panel thickness of 48 mm. No additional machining of the door panel is required. The vulcanized moulded corners connect the door seal and the fitting rebate insulation, so that conventional sealing wedges are not required. Time-consuming working steps are eliminated and material input is reduced. The fitting rebate insulation is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and provides for an ideal attachment of the motif board of the door panel. The insulating strip geometry ensures protection against warping without additional manufacturing steps. This eliminates the usual works on the profile composite and slide-in springs, which makes fabrication easier, faster and more reliable. The insulating strip serves as exterior semi-facing and as a support to receive the reversible retaining strip needed to attach the door panel. Compared to the standard panel bonding using 2K adhesives on the entire surface, the reversible panel attachment is not only the most efficient and process-reliable way of panel fixing, it is now also made faster and simpler: no prior processing of the profile is required. Instead of the familiar mechanical locking pins, a circumferential clip profile is used to attach the door panel to the sash profile. It is also no longer necessary to insert the sealing cord. Fabrication tolerances can be avoided, as there is no exterior shadow gap and the sash profile is behind the stop. Optionally, internally flush or non-flush (recessed sash) designs are available. Matching the easy and efficient manufacture of the sash profile heroal D 72 PF EM, the 2-part continuous threshold solution is available, in addition to the standard threshold solution using screws. This combines the design advantages of the continuous threshold running under the frame with the advantages of the surface-mounted door seal using screws. In addition, the profiles are simply clipped into place. This way, fabrication times can be further reduced. heroal D 72 combines a wide range of fabrication options in one system, thanks to the flexible profiles with different face widths and the heroal D 72 RL and heroal D 72 CL design lines. The consistent system logic and the use of the same tools offer greatest manufacturing reliability. The profile machining of all heroal D 72 door systems can be done with the universal punch. Individual customer requirements can be met and inventory cost can be reduced through the utilisation of standardised parts.


    Door systems made from recycled aluminium are extremely durable and have a positive impact on the energy efficiency of a building. Thanks to the modular system design, it is easy to adapt the thermal insulation values to the building project: profiles with or without PU foam, standard or highly insulating (HI) glazing seals, with or without insulating insert, provide for flexible combinations. As Uf-values of up to 1.7 W/m2K can be reached, the profiles of the door system heroal D 72 PF EM can be adapted to different technical requirements. heroal door systems are sustainable throughout their entire product life cycle and are Cradle to Cradle Certified® (Silver). This certification is internationally recognised, and attests the use of environmentally safe, healthy and recyclable materials.


    In its standard version, the door system heroal D 72 PF EM is burglary resistant and has been tested including resistance class RC 2. Self-locking and multi-point locking systems provide for additional security. Sound insulation including class 3 ensures a healthy living environment. Flush thresholds with zero-barrier provide for unhindered mobility. In order to protect the interior from moisture damages, the door system heroal D 72 PF EM can be combined with the drainage system heroal DS, which channels surface water away without backflow. Smart home access solutions, such as Keyless Entry, increase your comfort. Also, heroal door systems can be equipped with electric locks and integrated in conventional smart home systems. heroal door systems are also perfectly suited for highly frequented entrance areas and permanent use (heavy duty).


    All aluminium components of the door system heroal D 72 PF EM are coated with the highly weather resistant heroal hwr powder coating – for perfect colour uniformity with heroal systems for windows, sliding doors, roller shutters, curtain walls, sun protection and roofing. In addition to more than 500 RAL, DB and VEKA colours, the highly weather resistant heroal hwr powder coating is available in the exclusive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier shades. Different gloss rates and surface designs show off the RAL-coated surfaces to their best advantage. The innovative surface refinement heroal SD provides for impressive wood, rust or concrete looks. Metallic-reflective surface looks can be created through the Eloxal process. All opening variants and a wide range of structural shapes, including transom windows and side sections, are available to create individual entrance areas. With the in-house heroal profile bending and edging service, a wide variety of special shapes can be created, such as round, segmental and basket arches. Thanks to the patented reversible panel fixing, the door design can easily be changed at a later date. The heroal design handle from the heroal DF fitting range for private and commercial door systems ensures highest flexibility and offers many options for an individual design. Depending on the direction of closing of the door, different barrel hinges made from aluminium or stainless steel are available, as well as surface hinges or concealed hinges in different colours.

    System compatibility

    heroal door systems are compatible with heroal systems for windows, sliding doors, lifting-sliding doors, curtain walls and roofing, and can be colour-coordinated with heroal roller shutters, roller doors and sun protection systems.

  • Brochures & test certificates

  • Dimensions & drawings

    Profile depth [mm]

    Frame profile

    System properties

    Max. leaf widths [mm]
    Max. leaf heights [mm]
    Min. face width sash/frame profile

    Sectional Drawings

  • Performance characteristics

    RC 2 Resistance to burglary
    9A Resistance to driving rain
    > 1,7 Thermal insulation [Uf in W/m2K] / Profile width [mm]
    4 Air permeability
    3 Wind resistance
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