Patio roof configurator heroal OR

Seamless digital working from configuration to order

The heroal patio roof configurator combines the advantages of an appealing 3D configuration for self builders with an immediate digital quotation and order process in the heroal Communicator for fabricators – for seamless digital working from the first configuration to the final order. Based on the patio roof system heroal OR , you can build a patio roof in your required size, including sun protection, blinds and moveable glass walls. Also, you can make your website more attractive and win new customers by integrating the patio roof configurator into your website.

Your advantages as a heroal fabricator

Sales support

The appealing 3D configurator can be integrated directly into your website, and it can be used in your showroom and during sales talks in order to visualise the favourite patio roof of your customers.

Seamless digital working

Using the configuration ID, which is created for every 3D configuration, you can seamlessly continue your work in the heroal Communicator, finalise the configuration and place an order online.

Individual and efficient

The configurator in the heroal Communicator makes order entry and order processing faster, easier and safer. Your personal purchasing terms and conditions have already been stored.

The heroal OR configurator at a glance

Visual configuration

Private self builders can use the 3 D configurator to configure their favourite patio roof either on the heroal website or directly on your website. Via the heroal website, we can also direct interested prospects to specialist partners who actually offer the patio roof heroal OR. The configuration can be saved or downloaded as a PDF file at any time. Once a configuration has been started, a unique configuration ID is issued, which makes it possible to access a configuration at any time and proceed with it.

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Quotation and order in the Communicator

Using the configuration ID, it is possible to open the configuration of a private customer directly in the heroal configurator of the heroal Communicator. In a following step, you, as a heroal fabricator, can finalise it. The heroal configurator provides you with an overview of all your projects, automatically stores your personal terms and conditions, if available, and allows for individual calculations of sales prices. Also, you can initiate the order for your customer in just a few steps.

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Ordering in just a few steps

How to receive your personal patio roof configurator link

Please use the following contact form in order to receive a link to the patio roof configurator for your website or showroom, without the transfer to the heroal specialist partner search. In addition to the link to your patio roof configurator, we offer you supporting photos and text material.

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