23 Feb 2024

heroal VS Z corner solution

Verl, February 2024. Large glass surfaces that allow plenty of daylight into the building are a continuing trend in residential and commercial construction. At the same time, the planning requirements for energy-efficient and sustainable living spaces focussed on effective insulation are also increasing. The heroal VS Z corner solution by heroal – Johann Henkenjohann GmbH & Co. KG provides an aesthetic as well as effective solution for shading corner areas. At R+T, the heroal VS Z corner solution received the R+T Innovation Award 2024.

Effective sun protection for corner areas with patented cable guide

The heroal VS Z corner solution consists of two textile screens with zip guide on the sides and a patented stainless steel cable guide in the corner area that ensure effective sun protection at corners (e.g. all-glass corners). A particularly clever feature: The curtain is guided with separate end slats, both of which run in just a single cable guide. This means that the screens can be controlled independently of each other and variably adjusted to the position of the sun. Areas of up to 9 square metres per textile screen are possible. In order to provide protection against insects in addition to glare, privacy and heat protection, the heroal VS Z corner solution can be combined with insect protection doors or tension frames through the use of spacing profiles and matching decorative caps.

The heroal VS Z corner solution is available as systems or textile assemblies. It is fabricated just like the established heroal VS Z sun protection system, making it easy to work with for heroal specialist partners that fabricate heroal sun protection systems. An additional work step requires the panel boxes to be mitred on one side and a cable anchor needs to be installed in the central area. Only two people are needed to install the heroal VS Z corner solution.

Aesthetic design

In addition to the functional advantages, the heroal VS Z corner solution also scores points aesthetically. Around 250 standard textiles are available for the selection of the textile screen – from semi-transparent to allow daylight inside the building to opaque to darken the interior almost completely. When the textile screen is not in use, it disappears in the heroal front-mounted box system (size: 105 and 125 millimetres). The stainless steel cable guide provides a delicately designed connection between the textile screens in the corner area. The discreet design is further enhanced by the lateral curtain guide in guide rails with a particularly narrow elevation of only 25 millimetres. If required, both the guide rails and the box system can be fully plastered in. The coating of the extruded components with the highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating creates additional scope for design.