24 Apr 2023

A unique range of designs for individual living spaces

Verl, April 2023. Today's modern buildings not only have to meet extensive requirements for sustainability, security and living space comfort, but must also meet the highest standards in terms of architecture and design. The extensive heroal system portfolio offers builders, architects and fabricators almost limitless possibilities in this respect. In addition to the design freedom that comes with the consistent system concept across the portfolio, heroal, with its industry-leading coating technology, offers the greatest variety of colours and surfaces and a wide selection of additional design options in the area of textile shading systems. The heroal profile bending service, the processing and coating of aluminium panels and the creation of individual, project-specific solutions round off the high-quality range of services for maximum design freedom.

heroal system solutions offer an almost unlimited design freedom

Designing architecture: a harmonious combination of the aluminium system solutions is available in a wide range of designs and colours to produce unique architectural designs. © heroal

heroal's mission statement for BAU 2023 "simply better spaces for life" sums up the company's vision. As an aluminium system house, heroal offers a wide range of system solutions for the building shell that are consistent with the essential future themes of modern construction projects. heroal offers innovative, extensive system portfolio and various supplementary services, to make the buildings of the future more sustainable, safer and more comfortable, while also meeting the highest standards of design and architectural freedom. For heroal, the theme of the many aspects of design is therefore also the focus of their trade fair appearance at BAU.

Exciting surfaces with the finest nuances: the RAL colours in the heroal hwr powder coating range can be produced in different degrees of gloss - from dull matt to matt, glossy and silky gloss to metallic and speckled effects. © heroal

Industry-leading coating technology and surface quality

The heroal coating technology is an industry leader that creates high-quality surfaces in the widest range of colours and surfaces. The company has its own hwr powder coating facility which manufactures coating surfacers in an extensive range of highly weather-resistant colours. More than 500 RAL, DB and VEKA colours are available as standard, and we can supply additional colours on request. Various levels of gloss and structures are possible as a further design dimension for the various RAL colours. Metallic-reflective looks can be created with an eloxal coating. For better reproducibility and weather resistance, anodised colours can also be achieved with the heroal hwr powder coating.

heroal's coating service represents excellent long-term colour stability, gloss retention and weather resistance with the shortest delivery times and a high adherence to schedules. The in-house coating technology achieves perfect colour uniformity across all systems, as demonstrated at BAU with the heroal C 50 curtain wall for example, combined with the heroal D 72 heavy-duty door, the heroal W 77 i insert window system and the heroal VS Z GR 25 partially integrated sun protection. The fully automated quality control enables heroal to meet the most stringent national and international quality standards and sets benchmarks in the surface coating sector.

The innovative coating technology heroal Surface Design (SD) achieves high-quality and particularly durable wood, rust and concrete looks. © heroal

heroal Surface Design: deceptively real wood, concrete or rust looks

Heroal offers further design options with the heroal Surface Design (SD) coating technology. In addition to natural wood looks, windows, doors and curtain walls can also be produced in modern rust or concrete looks, as heroal demonstrated at the BAU with a D 72 PF EM door in an elegant concrete look. This not only offers additional options for differentiation - a hallmark of heroal SD is also its high resistance. Based on the proven hwr powder coating, heroal Surface Design (SD) surpasses the excellent properties of a profile foil.

The comprehensive range of colours that give extruded and roll-formed heroal aluminium profiles an individual look offers limitless design variety. © heroal

Industry-exclusive design options with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

heroal also offers outstanding options to harmonise the colour design of buildings with heroal systems through the industry-exclusive partnership with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, which combines an even greater variety of colours with high creative added value for windows, doors, curtain walls, roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors: The 63 near-natural shades in nine colour groups form a consistent system which harmonises all the groups and individual shades. The near-natural primary colours allow the shades also blend particularly harmoniously into the environment.

Maximum design freedom with heroal textile screens

Optimally tailored to a wide variety of requirements and purposes, heroal sun protection textiles also offer almost infinite design options. Over 250 fabrics are available in six different fabric types with varying degrees of translucency from transparent to opaque. All the components of the heroal sun protection systems are precisely colour-coordinated with the surfaces of the heroal curtain walls, window and door systems and, combined with the diverse, appropriate selection of textiles, produce a harmonious overall look. This was highlighted on the trade fair stand for example with the combination of the heroal W 77 window with the new heroal WF i EM window fitting and heroal VS Z sun protection.

Depending on the textile used, solar radiation and UV radiation can also be reduced by up to 100%. While transparent fabrics allow natural daylight into the room with high glare protection, block-out fabrics can provide 100% full shading if required. Six types of fabric cover the most diverse requirements in terms of design and functionality: from particularly high resistance to particularly easy-to-clean materials. In terms of functionally, heroal textile screens impress with their spring-loaded plastic inserts for optimal tightening even with larger dimensions. The systems, made from recycled aluminium and high-quality textiles, are both weather-resistant and characterised by high material stability and extreme durability.

Consistent system concept for design freedom in the construction

The consistent system concept that hallmarks the heroal product portfolio also offers maximum design freedom to enable both a high degree of flexibility in the configuration of individual components and the ability to combine all heroal systems across systems. heroal systems not only feature filigree profile face widths, but also offer a portfolio of well-designed, structural details including the heroal drainage system for barrier-free transitions, flush system variants, an even joint pattern and homogeneous views of e.g. heroal door systems and the fire protection door heroal FireXtech D93 FP, which was also showcased at BAU. heroal also provides architects, fabricators and project-specific solutions based on the system platform to guarantee additional design freedom.
One of the highlights on the heroal stand a presentation of the versatile design options of its system world using the combination of the heroal S 77 SL sliding door as a corner solution with the heroal SF Drive motorised fitting and the heroal VS Z corner solution. The exhibit combines generous glass surfaces and narrow face widths with a high proportion of daylight with versatile shading with separate control of both hangings for optimal sun protection and privacy. Equipped with a barrier-free passage and the heroal DS drainage system, the high-performance heroal S 77 SL lift-and-slide door also offered a valuable solution for an easy passage to the outside with perfect sealing of the threshold.

Individual design options: profile bending, sheet metal processing and special profiles

The heroal bending service enables specific elements such as arched windows, to be fabricated easily and safely. Whether in the field of modernisation of old buildings or as particular stylistic elements in residential and commercial construction: the in-house bending technology allows an almost infinite manufacture of individual requirements and geometries for builders, architects and fabricators. State-of-the-art production processes guarantee the traditional high heroal system security and quality, even with complex customer requirements. The colours and décors, e.g. in a wood, concrete or rust look, can be selected individually for curved windows, doors and curtain walls for maximum design freedom.
heroal also offers the coating, edging and manufacture of aluminium panels as an additional service to enable architects and fabricators to implement individual requirements, e.g. in the design of curtain walls and front doors, always in the same colour as other heroal systems used and with the industry-leading heroal hwr coating technology.
Last but not least, heroal system profiles are not only available from stock in various standard lengths, but also in individual specific lengths and cut to size. This can significantly reduce the volume of waste and offers benefits in terms of efficiency to fabricators, particularly when implementing projects with a high proportion of special colours.