24 Apr 2023

Emergency power control system for the second escape route

Verl, April 2023. The emergency power control system heroal rescue powered by Kaiser Nienhaus is designed for use in the second escape route and can be used with heroal roller shutter and sun protection systems. The product innovation will be presented at BAU 2023, at stand 310 in hall B1 in combination with a heroal flush-mounted roller shutter.

Operation of roller shutter and sun protection systems in case of a power failure

In a fire, every second counts: the 12V emergency power control system heroal rescue powered by Kaiser Nienhaus with integrated lithium-ion battery enables the reliable operation of heroal roller shutter and sun protection systems with a 12V motor with 10 or 15 Nm of motor power in case of a power failure. This allows the roller shutter curtain or sun protection textile to be quickly and easily raised even in case of fire. This makes the heroal rescue emergency power control system powered by Kaiser Nienhaus ideal for use in the second escape route. The heroal VS, heroal VS C and heroal VS Z sun protection systems merely need additional carriers and adapters.
The lithium-ion battery is automatically charged via the relay when the supply voltage is connected. The relay issues alarm signals if the battery level falls below 30%. To ensure that the escape route remains passable in an emergency, the curtain or textile can be raised even if the battery charge status is below 10%.
Individual operating units and central switches as well as smoke detectors and other floating control systems can be connected via the relay to further increase safety. If the smoke detector is triggered, roller shutters and textile screens are automatically raised.

Requirements for the second escape route

The requirements for the second escape route are individually defined by every state or authority and are regulated in the state building regulations (LBO), among others. According to the model building regulations (MB), whenever no additional safety staircase is present, a second escape and rescue route is always necessary and required, which is protected from the ingress of fire and smoke and is part of the first escape and rescue route. This can, for example, be a window that can easily be opened without the use of aids at all times in line with Section 37 of the MBO, with minimum inside dimensions of 0.9 x 1.2 m. According to Section 33 of the MBO, buildings whose second escape route requires fire brigade rescue equipment and where the top edge of the railing, e.g. for reaching certain windows or points more than 8 m above the ground with ladders, can only be erected if the fire brigade has the necessary rescue equipment.

Ordering online in the heroal configurator

The heroal configurator can now be used to easily and quickly order 12V motors with either 10 or 15 Nm as well as the motor control system, including battery, a replacement battery, setting cable, carriers and adapters for heroal sun protection systems. After selecting all the relevant roller shutter and sun protection items and accessories, complete quotes can be generated directly from the heroal configurator and orders can be placed. Besides the emergency power control system, heroal roller shutter and sun protection systems can also be flexibly equipped with motors of various makes as well as manual operating options. All required components can be ordered from a single source, making the order process much easier. The configurator can be accessed by heroal trade partners at any time and from anywhere using the heroal Communicator for maximum flexibility.