24 Apr 2023

Added value for customers through digital solutions

Verl, April 2023. Digital solutions and services contribute to the creation of reliable processes for the implementation of projects and to an integrated value chain. For this reason, besides offering a market-leading range of system solutions, heroal supports its partners with comprehensive services and digital products that ensure efficiency, flexibility and added value in all phases of a construction project.

Comprehensive range of services from heroal across the entire construction process

From planning and offer preparation to ordering, production and logistics, heroal’s digital services support the efficient implementation of projects with reliable processes. To ensure this, our services and digital solutions mesh together and cover all of a fabricator’s essential process steps. heroal’s digital solutions allow the easy retrieval of information in real time, facilitate the planning, calculation and quotation phase. They form the basis for paperless production with more secure, faster processes. heroal’s range of services aims to create added value for all those involved as well as to free up capacities for new projects.

Fabricators of heroal systems have access to the majority of services and digital tools via the heroal Communicator. The specialist customer portal makes day-to-day work easier thanks to a wide range of convenient functions. © heroal

heroal Communicator: The 24/7 partner portal for efficient work

Fabricators can quickly access most services and digital tools via the heroal Communicator, the company’s specialist customer portal. The heroal Communicator offers fabricators a personal working environment and clearly organised interface on which they can access information on the heroal system landscape 24 hours a day. All important documents are available in the heroal Document Center at all times – from order and production catalogues to test certificates, building references and tender documents, from BIM and CAD data to price lists. Easy and intuitive to use via smartphone, tablet or PC, the heroal Communicator facilitates daily work thanks to a wide range of convenient functions. These allow the company’s partners to optimise their processes by using the portal to manage all essential tasks along the value chain, regardless of time and location.

heroal customers benefit from short lead times for ordering and goods receipt thanks to heroal Communicator’s interfaces to calculation and ERP systems such as LogiKal EOS. © heroal

Customised solutions for planning

Through the heroal Communicator, heroal provides its partners with powerful digital tools in the early stages of a project. These include options for calculating the statics of a building or access to BIM or CAD data. The calculation and planning phase is particularly simple and fast for users of the calculation software LogiKal heroal Edition: By storing all system logics in the heroal knowledge database, heroal window, door and curtain wall systems can be designed and calculated right up to the offer preparation stage. Added value is provided in the form of the automated plausibility check performed when entering elements and the real-time adjustment of prices to the calculation.

For complex curtain wall constructions and elaborate planning tasks, heroal also provides its partners with the heroal system database in the CAD software ATHENA. The BIM-capable tool supports the construction of curtain wall systems and door panel connections in both 2D and 3D. Also included in the scope of services are the construction and processing of sheet metals as well as powerful calculation tools for statics and building physics. The intelligent interface to LogiKal with its option of transferring the construction data to the LogiKal heroal Edition is also efficient.

Extensive support from configuration to ordering

In addition, heroal partners receive extensive support during configuration. The heroal Configurator makes the configuration, offer preparation and ordering processes for heroal Ready elements in the roller shutter and sun protection area particularly simple and reliable. Thanks to the integration into the heroal LogiKal Edition, fabricators benefit from daily updated prices, an integrated plausibility check and maximum efficiency during order entry, offer preparation and ordering.

Short lead times for ordering and goods receipt

In the next step, the import/export function of the heroal Configurator makes it easier for heroal partners to order system items and configured prefabricated elements. The current personal purchasing conditions are adopted automatically, and the order confirmation is sent by e-mail. Alternatively, the digital order can be placed with heroal from the customer’s own ERP system by means of EDI. Fast, secure ordering processes, paperless procedures, little communication required and an overview at all times thanks to the digital archiving of data – ordering via the heroal configurator ensures uncomplicated, secure processing, prevents input and transmission errors and reduces lead times.

heroal has designed the incoming goods inspection for fabricators to be equally simple and efficient. For this purpose, the heroal Datamatrix code applied to the profiles contains all important information. It is retrieved in real time by means of a scanner and includes the digital transmission of the data to the relevant workstation. This allows quick and paperless digital profile identification and delivery checks. In addition, the heroal Datamatrix code enables unique identification of heroal profile information such as the item number, length and colour.

Optimised efficiency in production

heroal’s digital services for the production process are designed to make the manufacturing process considerably easier and to increase efficiency. The focus here is on paperless production, the creation of transparent processes, improved quality management and the optimised utilisation of machines and personnel. The reduced inventory also lowers the commitment of capital.

LogiKal MES (Manufacturing Execution System) plays a key role in increasing efficiency and optimising lead times in production. The software supports paperless manufacturing processes by providing the required information for predefined work areas at the required time. In addition, all relevant processing instructions can be called up for each processing step using the heroal Communicator.

Support for individual marketing activities

To strengthen their visibility among existing and potential customers, heroal specialist partners receive extensive support in developing their marketing activities. The company provides its partners with numerous digital marketing services by way of the heroal partner+ programme, which can also be accessed via the heroal Communicator. The services offered range from the creation of individual catalogues and brochures to online marketing and social media campaigns to the design and implementation of the partner’s own homepage or the provision of online configurators for heroal system solutions for integration into the partner’s company website. The innovative tools with which heroal optimises its customers’ marketing efforts include a virtual reality solution for consultation in the partner’s own showroom. This gives prospective buyers a more intensive and realistic consultation experience, allowing them to familiarise themselves with a considerably wider range of product options. This likewise enables product configuration.