19 Apr 2022

Clamp-on Sun Protection heroal VS Z EM now Available

Verl, April 2022. The demand for outside sun protection keeping your rooms cool even on hot days is continuously growing. Well-thought-out solutions are especially required for listed buildings, rented property or existing buildings, where an installation without drills into the window or walls is required, and also a possible later removal without any leftover marking of the structure. With its outside sun protection system heroal VS Z EM, heroal offers a solution that meets these requirements. The system is now available.

The sun protection system heroal VS Z EM (“Easy Mount“), which won the R+T Innovation Award 2021 in Gold, represents a clamp-on variant of the tried and tested textile zip screen system heroal VS Z. It can be used for a width of up to 2,000 mm, a height of up to 2,200 mm and an area of 4.4 m² and is wind-stable up to wind force 7 (60 km/h). This is due to the zip guidance, which, in combination with the clamp-on technique, makes this system unique on the market. As there are various options of the clip holders, this system is suitable for almost all conventional types of window made of aluminium, PVC or wood. heroal VS Z EM can be designed to meet your personal preferences and match the looks of an existing building. All aluminium parts of the system are extruded, and coated with a heroal hwr powder coating, available not only in a wide range of RAL colours, but also in the exclusive shades of Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier. In addition, surfaces can be refined by heroal SD surface designs. The textiles also provide for a wide variety: more than 250 fabrics with various light transmission levels are available, from semi-translucent to blackout, reducing the sun’s rays and UV radiation by up to 100 %, depending on the textile. As an option, heroal VS Z EM can be equipped with an integrated insect or pollen screen.

Since it is driven by an integrated solar-powered drive, heroal VS Z EM does not require any power supply. If the sun doesn’t shine sufficiently, the motor can be charged via an additional interface. The system can be controlled via a wall switch or a radio remote control.

The sun protection system heroal VS Z EM is now available as a customised finished element. For heroal Ready finished elements, the box has already been pre-assembled and the guide rails have been cut to size, so that these only need to be connected to each other. So, if required, the installation on site can be carried out fast and easily by specialist firms or the final customers themselves, because this sun protection can be installed in the window frame without much effort and the need for special tools. The installation is done from inside the building, so that no scaffolding or cranes are needed for higher floors. Hence, the sun protection system heroal VS Z EM represents a solution that can be fitted easily and fast, and that also effectively regulates the room climate even on hot days and at the same time protects against insects or pollen. Yet another advantage: as there are no structural alterations required, tenants do not have to ask their landlords for permission and owners do not need the consent of the owner’s meeting.

For more information, please go to www.heroal.com .