AC Group A/S

Modern Office Building with Especially Large-Surface Sun Protection

AC Group A/S and a harmonious building design

In Viborg, the second-largest municipality in Denmark, the office building of AC Group A/S was completed in 2018. The city is centrally located and has a charming historic centre and some well-known churches, such as the Romanesque Viborg Cathedral. A number of different companies in the vehicle and hydraulics industries are based in the city’s large industrial zone. The holding AC Group A/S is a market-leading craftsman’s and repair business in the area of workshop and lorry cranes, also offering a wide range of lifting devices for the automotive industry. Therefore, the industrial zone of Viborg is the ideal location for the business and the new office building of AC Group A/S.

Object details

Object: AC Group A/S, Viborg, Denmark

Building owner: AC Estate A/S

Planning / Architects: ERIK arkitekter A/S

Fabricator: ALUX A/S

Completion: October 2018

A substantial requirement on the office building is the creation of a comfortable and healthy room climate. With the ideal sun protection system, you can shade even large glass surfaces – for effective heat protection in the summer and heat insulation in the winter, as well as protection from unwanted prying eyes, looking into the office rooms. In order to meet these requirements, the textile sun protection system heroal VS Z was chosen. In addition to efficient protection from heat, prying eyes and glaring light, the heroal VS Z system is suitable to shade even large areas, offering sufficient wind stability. In close cooperation with the Danish heroal fabricator ALUX A/S, the company AC Group A/S equipped its building with the sun protection system heroal VS Z. The manufacturer heroal has many years of experience and reliable business partnerships in Scandinavia. Even special solutions, e.g. especially large elements, can be supplied, reliably and quickly. As a result, heroal sun protection systems are installed in a number of diverse, demanding building objects in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Thus, the heroal fabricator ALUX A/S was able to integrate especially large sun protection elements when planning the office building of AC Group A/S.

Efficient and Individual Control of Daylight

The zip screen system heroal VS Z is a versatile textile sun protection system. It withstands the most adverse weather conditions, moves quietly and provides the ideal protection from glaring light, at the same time making efficient use of daylight. Sizes and designs can be adapted to the most diverse requirements. By reflecting the sunlight, heroal VS Z makes it possible to reduce solar radiation by up to 75 per cent and aggressive UV radiation by even up to 98 per cent. In addition to effective protection from heat, the zip screen system by heroal offers privacy protection in order to avoid unwanted prying eyes, looking into the office building, as well as protection from blinding light in order to guarantee non-glare lighting of the rooms. That way, the heroal sun protection system is especially suited to be used in office buildings: AC Group A/S employees do not need to work without natural daylight, but also are not blinded by the sunlight when working at their workstations. A comfortable climate in the offices and convenient working conditions are ensured.

Owing to the water and dirt-repellent textile surface and the high wind resistance of up to 90 mph, the sun protection system is almost independent from weather. The sun protection elements are either manually activated, by the push of a button, or via wireless control. They can be additionally equipped with wind and sun sensors.

A total of thirteen heroal VS Z elements was installed, all of them with especially large textiles in order to shade the office rooms optimally and create a comfortable room climate every day. Instead of the standard maximum height of 5,000 millimetres, the sun protection elements of this building project have a height of 5,750 millimetres.

Persuasive Advantages for heroal Fabricators

The extensive heroal customer service offers fabricators, planners and architects numerous design options and object-specific solutions – during each construction phase. This service offering enabled the fabricator ALUX A/S, to integrate especially large elements into the office building of AC Group A/S, quickly and easily. To meet the special requirements of the heroal customer ALUX A/S, the height of the sun protection elements for this project exceeded the standard by 750 millimetres.

heroal systems used

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