Manufacture and logistics

Together towards a quality product

heroal supports you in optimising your production processes and ensures greater planning reliability with on-time logistics. Thanks to our in-house profile bending and folding services, the powder coating system for extremely high-quality surfaces and the fully automated surface inspection for extruded profiles, we can supply you with products of the highest quality that are perfectly adapted to your requirements and can be processed directly. Our state-of-the-art logistics centre with automated warehouses and our own fleet of trucks guarantees reliable and fast delivery. We also support you in the further processing of heroal systems in your company. We work with you to develop a customised manufacturing concept, recommend machines, provide you with perfectly matched tools, and support you in implementing efficient, paperless processes with the help of our digital services. Find out more about heroal services for manufacture and logistics now.

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Your advantages as a heroal fabricator

In-house services

The in-house powder coating facility, unique profile bending and folding services, and various degrees of prefabrication provide you with planning reliability and flexibility.

Industry leading quality

With the in-house powder coating facility, extensive tests as well as the heroal quality line, heroal meets the highest quality requirements – Made in Germany.

Fast delivery times

Thanks to its own fleet of trucks, heroal ensures short delivery times and excellent adherence to delivery dates.

Our services at a glance

Our services in detail

Surface coating

Every day, heroal coats more than 12,000 m2 of aluminium profiles. This corresponds to an area the size of several football pitches. In addition to the approx. 500 RAL colours available as standard, you also have the option of having profiles coated with the exclusive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. Would you like to achieve a harmonious look even with different heroal systems? The high-quality heroal coatings are ideally matched to each other - for perfect colour consistency across all systems. For example, the in-house heroal hwr powder coating for extruded profiles is perfectly matched to the coating with the heroal 2-layer thick coating for roll-formed systems. For exclusive coatings in high-quality wood, concrete or rust looks, heroal has developed the heroal SD coating technology, which, in terms of quality, clearly stands out from conventional profile foiling.

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Special lengths and cutting service

Do you need heroal profiles in a specific length so that you can process them without waste? Thanks to heroal's cutting service, you can obtain individually cut heroal profiles including RAL coating from a length of just 1.50 m (single-colour profiles) or 2.00 m (two-colour profiles). This not only optimises your costs, but also ensures less cutting and waste.

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Fully automatic quality control

heroal stands for high quality and produces exclusively in Germany. We have established a new standard with our fully automated quality control. heroal is the first company in the industry to utilise a fully automated quality control system in which the surfaces of extruded profiles for windows, doors, curtain walls and roofing systems are 100 % objectively checked. The inspection is fully documented. After the quality inspection, the profiles are picked and packed.

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Short response and delivery times and perfect reliability are essential when it comes to guaranteeing planning reliability and flexibility for you as a fabricator. All systems are therefore stored centrally in our 40,000 m2 logistics centre, picked and delivered using our own fleet of trucks. The interplay of optimised production and logistics enables heroal products to be processed and delivered in the shortest possible time. Packaging is customised to the customer's requirements. This makes handling easier and uses less packaging material. heroal also takes back packaging material that is no longer required.

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Manufacturing advice

Every heroal fabricator is unique, has individual operational processes, uses different machines and is more or less digitalised. At heroal, we respond to these individual requirements and support you with many measures to optimise your manufacture with the aim of minimising waste and maximising quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. heroal application engineers work with you to develop a customised manufacturing concept from customer enquiry to invoicing. We advise you on the ideal manufacture of heroal systems, support you in selecting the right machines and means of production, and work with you to identify suitable digitalisation measures for order processing and production control.

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Paperless manufacture

The various work steps on the way to the finished product are accompanied by a large number of documents that often still have to be provided in paper form. With paperless manufacture, you not only create transparent manufacturing processes, but also increase your efficiency. The LogiKal MES software makes the right information available digitally at the right workplace at the right time. There is no need to print out work orders, as they are displayed on screens in the workshop. LogiKal MES also simplifies the search for CE data, which is usually rather time-consuming.

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Digital incoming goods inspection

Digitise your incoming goods inspection with the heroal data matrix code. The unique code is applied to the heroal profiles and contains all the important information about the profile, such as article number, length and colour. By scanning the code, this data can be retrieved and transmitted directly to the relevant workstation via LogiKal MES. The heroal data matrix code thus simplifies clear profile identification and delivery verification.

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