heroal VS Z

Energy-efficient Full Shading

The versatile four-sided heroal VS Z is an innovative and energy-efficient zip screen system. It is designed for an individual use in either residential or medium and large-scale commercial constructions, such as homes, offices or schools.

The heroal VS Z consists of a translucent mesh, which is installed in front of the window. By reflecting sunlight, the system enables a reduction in solar radiation of up to 75%, while still allowing daylight to penetrate. In this way the system ensures a pleasant indoor climate on hot days and enables control of the room's atmosphere. At the same time the heroal VS Z guarantees optimum glare, privacy and heat protection.

The sun protection system creates savings on cooling and heating costs, as heat emission as well as retention is reduced. At the same time, UV rays are filtered by up to 98%.

Further system advantages

  • Shaded areas of up to 19 ft wide with a 161.50 sq. ft area are possible
  • Particularly weather resistant and low-maintenance
  • Material is guided using a zip attached to the fabric
  • Electronically motorised drive
  • Wirelessly controlled blind or with manual button
  • Optional installation of obstacle detection

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