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Express Your Individuality

Individuality is the expression of your personality, and when it comes to your own home, you want to have the freedom to choose. With this in mind, our flexible and tailor-made solutions offer countless design possibilities, allowing you to create spaces that match your style. Providing the highest design and color diversity, our flexible aluminum solutions are “SIMPLY BETTER.” and tailored specifically to both you and your home – no matter how you live.

Your Customization Options with heroal

Customize the color of your heroal products to suit your existing home aesthetics. All colors on the RAL palette are available and colors can always be accurately reproduced. The heroal coating ensures color stability, gloss retention, weather resistance, and protection against UV radiation.

For the surface of each heroal product, you can choose between different gloss grades. This ranges from dull matte to glossy or metallic colors. The gloss grades allow the finest shades to be achieved with perfect consistency. This way, you can create exactly the right look for your house.

The structured lacquer provides an excellent surface appearance that is fundamentally different from conventional color coatings. The various color shades for example or a wooden grain finish, can easily be applied to the aluminum for great results.

Explore the heroal Coating Lines

Forward-Looking: The heroal Coating Lines

For decades, heroal has been applying international quality standards to the coating of aluminum – while respecting certain ecological requirements. With the new vertical powder coating, which was put into operation at the end of 2012, heroal plans to emphasize this quality requirement in the future. The heroal high weather resistant (hwr) powder coating meets the exact requirements of Qualicoat class 2 and complies with the master quality of GSB. The weathering test proves that the heroal hwr powder coating remains colored under extreme conditions.

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The heroal hwr coating system is optimal for the coating for rolling shutters and roll-up doors; it is available in hundreds of RAL colors with high surface quality. The industry-leading surface coating provides countless options for various requirements and styles. heroal offers the best possible solution for every construction project.

  • Renovation of old building styles
  • Modernization of old buildings
  • New architectural building solutions
  • And many more

Diverse Designs with heroal

heroal offers extensive options to suit all requirements and styles. Have a look for yourself. Our team will also be happy to advise you about design options for your specific building project.

Brochure heroal surface coating

  • Color intensive and colorfast
  • Comprehensive RAL color palette
  • Various gloss levels
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly coating techniques

Weather-Resistant in Extreme Weather Conditions

According to GSB, heroal uses premium surface coating. The heroal hwr fulfills the master quality of the GSB International, and it has received the GSB Seaproof and Qualicoat Seaside seals of approval. The surfaces must be able to withstand the Florida Weathering Test: after a 36-month period of high UV exposure there should be no substantial changes to the gloss levels and the color stability.

Sun protection fabrics for textile screens

  • Sergé fabrics

    Sergé – clear view and wide range of design options

    This fabric is made of woven and coated glass fibres. The thread has a glass fibre core and an additional PVC coating. This way, especially smooth fabrics are manufactured. The fabric creates a comfortable atmosphere and ensures a clear view to the outside. The high-tech polyester textiles represent solutions that are always suitable, especially for high demands on design.

    Please find a selection of the wide range of colours and designs here.

  • Soltis fabrics

    Soltis – for very high shape retention

    The basis for this fabric is a coated, pre-tensioned polyester fabric with a high tensile strength, also referred to as polyester textile. After the weaving process, the fabric is stretched in both directions under high tension, and then fixed using liquid PVC. This way, the resulting shape retention is very high, so that the textile, even under strong load, almost does not lose its shape. Through a combination of high fabric tension and low sagging, the sun protection fabric is very suitable for covering large surfaces. Please find a selection of more than 100 colours and designs of the fabric Soltis here.

  • Flexilight Opaque

    Flexilight 6002 Opaque – effective UV protection

    The fabric „Flexilight 6002 Opaque“ is characterised by its extremely effective UV protection. The innovative surface structure of the fabric is dirt-repellent, resulting in low care requirements of the textile. Furthermore, the sun protection fabric „Flexilight 6002 Opaque“ is very flexible and stands for easy processing. Also, this fabric keeps its good looks even after years of use.

  • Orchestra

    Orchestra - exclusive coating

    The sun protection fabric „Orchestra“ is made of very thin acrylic fibres. Thanks to its exclusive „Cleangard“-coating, the textile is water- and dirt-repellent, thus requiring only low care efforts. Furthermore, the textile offers highest quality when it comes to colour retention and robustness.

heroal Stands for Quality

Strict regulations demand the highest degree of safety and reliability across all processes employed by heroal. As confirmed by tests, the result is an optimal color balance, non-fade properties and premium weather resistance:

  • Official GSB premium coater with an “Approved Premium Coater” seal of approval
  • Awarded the Qualicoat class 2 seal
  • Ongoing monitoring by the institutes
  • Quality control by our own laboratories

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Our heroal Promise: Manufactured in Germany, Fabricated in North America

One of the most important things in life is the freedom to choose – and heroal fully supports this. As a family-run company with over 140 years of experience, we strongly believe that you should never compromise on quality. With the extensive range of heroal products, there is no shortage of optimal solutions that meet all demands. As leaders in technology, quality for us means better efficiency, better reliability, and better performance and therefore solutions that are “SIMPLY BETTER”.

After over 30 years of fostering business relations with the US, heroal is now fully represented in the United States of America. Since 2015, heroal has provided complete support and a fully qualified on-site team as well as a dedicated service team at our customer’s disposal. The same values are of utmost importance to both our German and our American organizations: quality engineering, premium innovation, and flawless service. Your local team is ready when you are!

  • Over 3,500 specialist partners worldwide
  • Products of certified quality
  • Family-run company with a long tradition
  • Made in Germany
  • Fabricated in North America
  • Individual design
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Best technical solutions