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Keep Burglars at Bay with heroal

Although crime statistics show a gradual decrease in the number of home invasions, there are still 4 break-ins per minute. Unfortunately the success rate in solving these crimes is relatively low. However, it has been conclusively proven that homes without security systems are much more likely to be burgled than those with some form of visible security protection. Prevention is therefore a must for homeowners. With heroal security shutters, you’ll ward off burglars or at least ensure that they give up discouraged. House shutters from heroal are durable and provide excellent quality. Our selection ranges from aluminum shutters to double-walled stainless steel - which ensures the utmost security!

What Makes heroal Window Security Shutters Outstanding?

Protection for Your Home

heroal security shutters offer premium protection for your home. They are available up to resistance class 2 and 3, which means that they are built to withstand a typical intruder for 5 minutes per attack point, in which time any burglar will give up. The shutters make it almost impossible for burglars to enter your home unnoticed.

Enjoy your Privacy

Besides protecting against intruders and unwanted attention, window shutters guarantee a relaxed, cozy and comfortable atmosphere inside. Within the privacy of your own home, you can enjoy the noise reduction quality of the security shutters, as well as the individual control system for the light slits – allowing you to control just how much light you let in.

Automation and Control

With the advanced control system, the heroal security shutters can simulate your presence and allow you to preset certain scenarios, thus tricking observers into thinking you’re at home. This function also affords you the freedom of closing the shutters while on-the-go – in case you or the family forget.

heroal Shutters Stop Burglars From Breaking Into Your Home

Watch our employee Andre trying to break in through a heroal security shutter. Andre simulates an occasional burglar and attacks all common attacking points, but fails to break in. Did you know that burglars will give up after about 3 to 5 minutes if structures offer enough resistance? heroal security shutters offer such effective resistance and make it impossible to enter your home in 5 minutes.

What Makes heroal House Shutters So Secure?

heroal security shutters offer effective resistance against break-in attempts. Discover the security features that make heroal shutters so secure and durable. By clicking on the plus button, you will find further information on the security mechanisms.

Locking end slat

Due to the three-piece, extruded locking end slat, it is not possible to push up the curtain by physical means.

Guide rail

For all heroal roller shutters, the extruded guide rail is particularly stable with an additional bar for the safety hook. This makes it much more difficult to pushout the roller shutter curtain.

Roller shutter box

Made of a high-quality aluminum alloy, the burglar-resistant, extruded covers of the heroal shutter box are available in resistance classes RC 2 and RC 3. Among other features, the safety of the box is ensured by a wall thickness of over 3mm and a custom safety lock, which can only be opened with a special key, and end caps made of resistant steel.

Anti-push-up device

For burglars, it is often easy to break into a home by pushing or rolling up the security shutters. By means of a dual-function anti-push-up device, burglars can no longer push up roller shutters with physical force.

Aluminum or stainless steel material

All components of the security shutters are made of aluminum with extra-strong thickness, so they are especially sturdy and durable. For customers with particular safety requirements, heroal roller shutters can also be ordered in stainless steel, for even greater protection from burglars.

Installation Types for All Security Circumstances and Safety Needs

heroal security shutters can be installed in a variety of ways. For example, the systems can be installed as built-in roller shutters during construction of new buildings, which means they fit seamlessly into the curtain wall when completely rolled up. In addition to being an ideal aesthetic solution, this provides complete light control.

You have already built your house and would like to equip it with a security system? That's no problem for heroal. Front-mounted roller shutters can be conveniently installed onto any window or curtain wall. Due to the small winding diameter of our security shutters, the high-quality front box can be integrated neatly into the exterior of any home. The attractive 45° design varieties and our huge range of colors, ensure that a unique look can be created to suit all styles.

FMS features:

  • Optimum degree of stability due to a wall thickness of more than 3 mm (0.12 in)
  • Meets the requirements for burglary resistance
  • Every RAL colour is available in heroal hwr quality
  • Steel box ends

Examples of Application

At heroal, our roller shutters are made entirely from durable and sturdy materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel. This not only ensures optimum security protection against unwanted visitors, but also means that our shutters can withstand all weather conditions. The best thing is that the heroal security systems can be individually designed and thus integrated into the curtain wall of any home in an aesthetically pleasing way. Take a look for yourself!

Our Product Properties at a Glance

Whichever heroal security system you choose, you’ll be well protected. See for yourself!

  • Effective visual cover, sound insulation, and burglary protection
  • Optimal solution for every installation situation
  • Easily retrofit security shutters
  • High-quality aluminum or stainless steel materials
  • Proven quality for a safe home up to RC 3
  • Anti-push-up device and strengthened guide rails
  • Harmonizes with exterior
  • Automated protection

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One of the most important things in life is the freedom to choose – and heroal fully supports this. As a family-run company with over 140 years of experience, we strongly believe that you should never compromise on quality. With the extensive range of heroal products, there is no shortage of optimal solutions that meet all demands. As leaders in technology, quality for us means better efficiency, better reliability, and better performance and therefore solutions that are “SIMPLY BETTER”.

After over 30 years of fostering business relations with the US, heroal is now fully represented in the United States of America. Since 2015, heroal has provided complete support and a fully qualified on-site team as well as a dedicated service team at our customer’s disposal. The same values are of utmost importance to both our German and our American organizations: quality engineering, premium innovation, and flawless service. Your local team is ready when you are!

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