Mini heroal RS 41 roller shutter rod

heroal RS 41

Roller shutter slat with medium coverage width

The roller shutter slat heroal RS 41 with a coverage width of 41 mm and a slim nominal thickness (8.5 mm) is ideally suited for the use in small roller shutter boxes (barrel diameter Ø 171 mm with a 60 shaft and a curtain height of 2,500 mm). The very sturdy aluminium roller shutter slat has a low weight (3.7 kg/m2) and meets the requirements of wind load resistance class 3 for element widths up to 2,900 mm.

  • 41 mm coverage width
  • Enhanced total U-value
  • Highly weather resistance surface coating

    Product Details

  • Processing advantages & product details


    heroal roller shutter slats made of recycled, double-walled aluminium are hail and weather resistant and stand out for their natural protection against corrosion and high material stability. This means that they are not only extremely durable, but also very eco-friendly and sustainable, as they combine a positive impact on the energy efficiency of a building with a very low material input and the use of circular materials.


    The geometry of the roller shutter slats provides for an ideal winding behaviour, so that even large element widths require only small box sizes. Roll-formed aluminium parts, like slats for roller shutters or roller doors, are coated with heroal 2-layer thick coatings, which have even been certified for marine use. This coating is very colourfast and weather resistant. heroal roller shutters slats stand out for their extremely wide variety of colours. For building shells that appear to be cast from the same mould, heroal 2-layer thick coatings and heroal hwr powder coatings for extruded elements are perfectly matched - for a perfect colour uniformity with the extruded parts of the roller shutter and heroal systems for windows, doors, sliding doors, curtain walls and roofings.


    heroal roller shutter systems stand out for their extremely silent, smooth running, even when temperatures are very high. Motors from different producers can be used, so that the operation mode can be flexibly adapted to requirements. The connection to a smart home system is also possible. To enhance comfort, insect screens can be directly integrated into the panel box system by means of special guide rails. The available space is perfectly used, and any additional installation effort for screens is eliminated.

  • Brochures & test certificates

  • Dimensions & drawings

    Coverage width [mm|in]
    41 1.61
    Nominal thickness [mm|in]
    8,5 0.33
    Weight [kg/m2| lbs/ft2]
    3,7 0.76
    Max. width [mm|ft]
    3.500 11.50
    Max. height [mm|ft]
    3.500 11.50
    Max. area [m2|ft2]
    7,0 75.25

    Sectional drawings

  • Performance characteristics

    4** Hail class
    0.19 ΔR in accordance with EN 13125:2001
    2* Wind load resistance
  • CAD & BIM data

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