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heroal RS 37

Little Space Required Thanks to Very Small Barrel Diameter

Benefits of the heroal RS 37 include the tight winding and small barrel diameter (Ø 6.4 inch at a curtain height of 8.25 ft). This is achieved thanks to the use of the most delicate slat in the heroal range (a nominal thickness of only 0.32 inch) – a perfect solution for construction requirements for very small box sizes.

Design Options

  • Potential total U factor value improvement of up to 42 percent
  • Highly weather-resistant surface with 2-layer thick coating
  • Wide selection of colors

Cross section

System dimensions

Coverage width [mm|in]
37 1.46
Nominal thickness [mm|in]
8,0 0.32
Weight [kg/m2| lbs/ft2]
3,5 0.72
Max. width [mm|ft]
3.000 10
Max. height [mm|ft]
3.500 11.50
Max. area [m2|ft2]
6,2 66.75

Performance characteristics

0,19 ΔR in accordance with EN 13125:2001
1* Wind load resistance
Resistance to burglary
4** Hail class

* with 8.85 ft element width and a guide with 1 inch immersion depth

** acc. VKF (Swiss Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies) Test Specifications No. 02. The value reflects the mechanical functional capability.

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