Sep 29, 2023

heroal at Sun Shading Expo North America

Verl, September 2023. From 1 to 3 November, German aluminium systems supplier heroal will be presenting vertical solutions for shading buildings at Sun Shading Expo North America. One particular highlight will be the VS Z textile sun protection system, which delegates to the event will be able to experience live at trade fair stand 2713 in the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida.

Focus on heroal system solutions for vertical shading

As one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium roller shutters and sun protection systems, heroal has been present in the North American market for more than 30 years. This is now the second year running that heroal has exhibited at the Sun Shading Expo. The German company will be showcasing its sun protection and roller shutter systems for a wide range of applications. These systems are manufactured in Germany, with finishing being handled quickly and efficiently in North America by a local fabricator.

heroal VS Z – textile sun protection Made in Germany

At this year’s event the focus will be on the heroal VS Z sun protection systems, which will be presented at the Sun Shading Expo in various sizes with a range of textiles and panel boxes. The innovative zip closure technology, which is used to secure the curtain in the aluminium guide rails, gives the textile stability and also enables the shading of large areas of up to 194 ft2 while providing maximum wind resistance (90 mph). This zip-screen system is energy-efficient and flexible while also being customisable to client specifications and a wide range of technical requirements. This is ensured by many panel designs and a large choice of colours, integration options for a variety of installation scenarios as well as an option for manufacturer-independent motorisation.

At the Sun Shading Expo, heroal will also be exhibiting its VS C sun protection system, which features slimline stainless steel cabling as the curtain guides. Many different samples from the full range of more than 250 textiles will emphasise the sheer variety of design options for heroal sun protection systems.

Discovering the benefits of heroal roller shutter systems

Rounding off its portfolio at the Sun Shading Expo, heroal will also be exhibiting a selection of roller shutter samples – such as the heroal RS 37 RC 3 security shutters with their heavy-duty slats made from stainless steel. This model meets the stringent requirements for burglary resistance from EU standards, being able to resist break-in attempts using tools like crowbars and simple drills for at least five minutes. Roller shutter systems from heroal are characterised by their extremely high stability, wind load resistance and resilience. Thanks to the well-designed geometry of their roller shutter slats, they offer an excellent balance of high stability and outstanding winding behaviour. Flexibility is ensured by a broad spectrum of wall thicknesses and designs.

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