Apr 24, 2023

Designed for maximum installation efficiency

Verl, April 2023. heroal supports even more efficient manufacturing processes with a new window fitting system. The innovative heroal WF EM fitting is distinguished by its particularly easy, efficient installation and combines maximum functionality with a range of design options and slender face widths even with maximum burglary resistance up to RC 3.

The innovative heroal WF EM window fitting system with added value for fabricators

To make heroal window systems even more efficient to manufacture for fabricators in future, heroal has expanded its portfolio with another quick and easy to process solution: the innovative heroal WF EM window fitting system is designed with a consistent focus on efficient installation and provides clear manufacturing advantages with its well-engineered construction and a high degree of pre-assembly. To do so, the innovative heroal WF EM operating rod concept includes ready-to-install system lengths for direct connection of the fitting components in the various window sizes, accurate to the millimetre. Even the cutting and punching of operating rods and casement corners is no longer necessary, as the operating rod, corner guide and casement mount do not have to be inserted, they can simply be clipped on the front from the outside. The subsequent fine-tuning of the strike plate and the simple clamping of the striker units with a bayonet also supports maximum efficiency.

Easy processes – optimal processing

For fast and efficient manufacturing and easier ordering, heroal WF EM is available in a practical basic box for numerous applications, which contains almost all the components for a window in a set for basic security. All included components are pre-installed and pre-sorted to save time and delivered with optimum protection. Only the gear and operating rods need to be ordered separately to match the casement leaf size. For all other applications as well as to manufacture larger quantities, individual types of all components can also be ordered.

The heroal WF EM tool concept further optimises processing. Installation and adjustment only require two screw drives and a universal installation lever. No punching tools are required for the casement corners. The new heroal casement edge protector, which protects the panel frame from damage when installing the casement, ensures high-quality results.

Slender face widths up to RC 3

For maximum security, heroal WF EM is also available in burglary resistant versions. The innovative fitting combines the highest security standards with unique design benefits, as the innovative fitting system is certified up to RC 3 even for narrow profile face widths. The easy upgrade options with just a few additional components supports streamlined and efficient manufacturing processes, e.g. thanks to the drill-free attachment of the screws for the security strike plates or the clip-on drill protection on the gear. Shorter manufacturing times are also supported by window widths and heights up to 2000 mm, as no time-consuming sealing of the glass and casement frame is necessary during processing.

Maximum design freedom

The unique variety of designs of heroal WF EM gives fabricators the opportunity to flexibly respond to any and all individual building design requirements. The innovative fitting system is suitable for all common opening types and is also available as a classic, surface-mounted swing side or as a concealed swing side to create a transparent, aesthetic window design. In addition, the comprehensive range of accessories with turn limiters, heroal WF EM sensors for combined opening and closure monitoring or a barrier-free ground threshold make it possible to realise all common applications. Even the colour design options create added value. All visible fitting components are available in white, grey, black and stainless steel look as well as more than 500 RAL colours.