Sep 22, 2022

heroal at Sun Shading Expo North America

Verl, September 2022. The German aluminium system provider heroal shows vertical sun protection solutions at Sun Shading Expo North America, taking place from October 12-14, 2022. On heroal’s stand 3025 at the show in the Charlotte Convention Center, North Carolina/USA, the focus will be on the textile sun protection system heroal VS Z with zip screen.

Aluminium system provider presents system solutions for vertical sun protection

“heroal sun protection systems help to create an ideal room climate, even with very large glass surfaces. The aim of our participation in the exhibition is to raise awareness of the quality of heroal solutions, and to advertise their advantages, in particular with a view to the specific requirements of the US market,“ says Marco Hennig, Product Manager Sun Protection Systems at heroal. An exhibiting company at both R+T in Stuttgart and IFAI Expo in the USA for many years, heroal now also presents the latest trends and designs on this new platform, created by Messe Stuttgart and IFAI Expo.

Textile heroal sun protection systems “Made in Germany“ stand out for their great flexibility and a unique variety of designs. Individual customer requirements and the most different technical requirements can be met with the end-strip guided heroal VS, the heroal VS C with subtle stainless steel rope guidance, and the zip-guided heroal VS Z. The design concept across different systems, the use of uniform parts and the well thought-out design details make their fabrication particularly efficient and easy.

heroal VS Z – textile zip screen with innovative zip fastener technology

The sun protection system heroal VS Z will be in the focus at Sun Shading Expo, where it will be shown in different sizes and with various textiles and panel boxes. The innovative zip fastener technology helps to guide the textile in the aluminium guide rails, gives stability to the textile and enables the shading of large areas up to 18 m2 with an extremely high wind resistance (90 mph). The energy-efficient zip screen system offers great flexibility and can be adapted to individual customer needs and different technical requirements, thanks to different box designs, a wide range of colours, integration options for a wide variety of installation situations, and the possibility of using motors from different manufacturers.

Thanks to its subtle design with box sizes from 85 to 125 mm and the highly weather resistant heroal hwr powder coating of the aluminium components, the heroal VS Z blends in perfectly with the look of the building. This allows for the creation of a harmonious building shell or the deliberate setting of accentuations. Guide rails with a face width of only 25 mm and the subtlest panel box currently on the market ensure an unobtrusive integration into the building façade. For fabricators, the heroal VS Z offers time savings and cost advantages in fabrication and installation. Almost identical dimensions of all panel designs, clip holders for the easy installation of guide rails, the easy inspection of guide rails, even if plastered in, as well as continuous panels for coupled elements ensure an easy and efficient fabrication. The use of uniform parts means less storage cost, while still providing great flexibility. The heroal VS Z is available as cut-to length product, textile assembly group, or heroal Ready finished element.

At Sun Shading Expo, heroal also shows an exhibit of the sun protection system heroal VS. Here, the textile is guided via the end strip. A wide range of textile samples underlines the variety of design options available for heroal sun protection systems.

Information about the advantages of heroal roller shutter systems

The heroal portfolio at Sun Shading Expo is rounded off by various samples of roller shutters, for example the safety roller shutter heroal RS 37 RC 3 with extremely resistant stainless steel roller shutter slats. It meets higher burglary resistance requirements according to European standards, and withstands break-in attempts with tools such as crowbars and simple drilling tools for at least five minutes. Roller shutter systems from heroal stand out for their extremely high stability, wind load resistance and robustness. Thanks to the well thought-out geometry of the roller shutter slats, they offer a balanced ratio of high stability and excellent winding behaviour. A wide range of thicknesses and designs provides for great flexibility.

heroal is known as one of the leading specialists in aluminium systems for roller shutters and sun protection – produced in Germany, fabricated in North America. For over 30 years, heroal has been promoting its business relations in North America.

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