Mar 11, 2019

heroal at the IDAExpo 2019 Trade Fair

Aluminium systems supplier presents commercial security system solutions - heroal is back, at this year’s IDAExpo. From March 15 to 16, visitors to booth 365 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis will be able to find out about system solutions for security roller shutters, hurricane-protection roller shutters, roller doors and roller grilles for commercial applications.

Under the motto SIMPLY BETTER. PROTECTED. heroal’s stand will demonstrate how easy it is to increase security in commercial buildings. Visitors will get a realistic impression, on the spot, of how heroal electronic control systems can increase security and comfort in equal measure.

The following heroal systems will be at center stage at the trade fair:

heroal RG 90 Roller Grille System

heroal RG 90 Roller Grille System

The heroal RG 90 roller grille system is perfectly adapted to commercial buildings with high security requirements. For example, access to underground garages can be controlled, while also permitting visual monitoring and air exchange – even when space is at a premium. This is thanks to the large range of installation methods and is even possible when particularly large roller shutters are required. The curtain consists of completely extruded profiles, is extremely stable and can be coated in almost all colors. Due to the closed installation within the panel box, the roller grilles can be elegantly adapted to the existing architecture. heroal roller grilles are manufactured to exact dimensions by heroal’s specialist partners and ensure easy, affordable installation.

heroal RD 75 E roller door system with extruded slats

heroal RD 75 E Roller Door System

This system, with extruded slats and a slat cover width of 3 inches, can be used in many ways when it comes to roller doors. In numerous versions with varying types of slats and accessories in almost every color, it enables tailor-made solutions for every installation, thus enhancing the visual appearance of the surrounding building.

The closed installation of the roller door in the panel box is elegant in design and protects the door from environmental influences. Due to the wide range of accessory options, this type of installation is ideally suited for private and commercial uses. The box can also be retrofitted – quickly and economically.

If particularly wide and high roller doors are needed, open installation without a box is the perfect solution for making optimum use of the available space, such as in industrial areas or underground garages. Installation as a high-speed door is also possible.

heroal Category D Hurricane Protection System

heroal Category D Hurricane Protection System

The combination of the stable heroal RS 53 RC 2 Roller Shutter Slat, the reinforced HVHZ guide rails and the proven GKSE end caps is tested and certified according to the ASTM standard. The system not only provides excellent protection against storms and extreme weather conditions, but also against vandalism and burglaries. With our over 50 years of experience in foamed slats, heroal offers a high-quality, always-available system for the protection of private and commercial properties.


heroal Safe RC 3 Security Roller Shutter System

As the only supplier with a certified and approved security system, heroal takes burglary resistance to a higher level: in connection with an RC 3 version heroal roller shutter slat, the heroal FMS 45° extruded panel box system with wall thicknesses of over 3 millimeters, box caps made of resistant steel and particularly sturdy extruded guide rails provides highly effective protection against attempted break-ins. Even experienced burglars with electric tools won’t be able to open the roller shutter, as was proven in a 30-minute test with a simulated burglary attempt. A multi-unit anti-push-up device composed of extruded profiles makes manual lifting of the curtain even more difficult, since the concealed anti-push-up device blocks upwards motion from within the panel box. And to prevent it from being easily opened, the panel box is also protected against manipulation. A bolt locks the box system, so that once it’s been installed, it can only be opened with a special tool.

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