22. 2. 2021

Insulation Box System heroal IB Unique at R+T digital

Verl, February 2021. The insulation box system heroal IB Unique, which stands out for its excellent insulation features and space-saving logistics, was presented for the first time at R+T 2018. On the occasion of R+T digital 2021, heroal has extended the insulation box with more functions for even more versatile fields of application.

heroal presents new applications and operating options

heroal IB Unique is an insulation box system with many different uses. It is supplied as a customised product, ready for being used after just a little effort. The insulation box is available in box sizes S, M and L and with two performance classes and inspection modes, and also offers extra accessories and additional features.

Insulation box assembly group and insulating materials

The Super-Z and Super-L assembly groups represent the core of the highly insulated top-mounted box. Thanks to the folding mechanism, processing is extremely easy and time-saving. Tear-resistant, highly adhesive sealing tape ensures reliably joined insulating profiles and an airtight connection, and also serves as a hinge when the insulation assembly groups are folded open: only one step is necessary from Super-Z to U (three-sided assembly group for plaster wall structures or ETICS) or from Super-L to L (two-sided assembly group for clinker wall structures). The compact design of the assembly groups also reduces the space required for transport and storage.

Thanks to its very good insulation providing for Usb-values of up to 0.41 W/m²K, heroal IB Unique is perfectly suited for use in low energy houses. heroal offers two different insulating materials: Styropor and the high-performance Neopor.

Inside and outside inspection for easy maintenance

The insulation box heroal IB Unique is available with inspection inside or outside. For small design depths of the window or sliding door system, heroal IB Unique with a PVC inspection panel for inside inspection is recommended. The installation of the panel uses clips and does not require any tools or screwed connections. Since the inspection panel can be swivelled and is therefore easy to operate, maintenance and repair works do not require much effort and can be done from inside the building.

For window or sliding door systems with large design depths, heroal IB Unique with outside inspection panel made of powder-coated, weather-resistant aluminium is best suited. Maintenance and repair works can be carried out from the outside.

To ensure perfectly coordinated colours, the plaster base profile for both inspection variants can be adapted to the window or sliding door system through heroal hwr-powder coating. Thus, the insulation box does not only stand out for its excellent performance features, but also for a look that blends in perfectly.

Fast installation on top of aluminium and PVC window systems

The insulation box system heroal IB Unique is suitable for combinations with window systems from different manufacturers and materials. Clip-on adapter profiles, which are simply clipped into the frame, provide for combinations with heroal aluminium window systems and more than 35 conventional PVC window systems. They are fixed at the sides easily and fast via a screwed connection using adapter brackets. For installation of the insulation box on top of wood and all other aluminium and PVC windows, heroal offers a universal adapter profile that can be fixed with just a few screws.

New functions presented at R+T digital 2021

Up until now, the insulation box system heroal IB Unique could be combined with classic roller shutters – optionally with integrated insect screen – and textile sun protection systems. With immediate effect, there is also an insulation box assembly group for combinations with venetian blind systems. As before, a radio-controlled or cable-based tubular motor can be used to control the different shading solutions. For the operation of roller shutters, heroal now also offers an emergency hand-crank and a belt, so that the requirement is met for a second escape route in the event of a fire or a power failure.

Different guide rails made of aluminium and PVC are available for the insulation box system heroal IB Unique. A new guide rail with inside inspection has been developed for combinations of roller shutters and insect screens. In addition to a running chamber for the roller shutter, it has an additional running chamber for the pleated insect screen. The insect screen can be added directly upon installation of the heroal IB Unique box system or integrated at a later date, without having to replace basic components such as head ends and guide entries.

The insulation box system heroal IB Unique thus becomes a universal solution that stands out for its function, processing and logistics and fits perfectly into the heroal product range.