13. 1. 2021

heroal sliding and lift and slide applications

Verl, January 2021. Aluminium systems supplier heroal offers custom-tailored sliding and lift and slide system solutions with a variety of different applications such as all-glass doors or casement corners that can be used to create open architectural solutions for custom residential and property construction. heroal demonstrates what makes the systems unique at BAU ONLINE 2021.

heroal sliding and lift and slide applications

Thanks to the use of aluminium material and smart construction, heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems stand for long-lasting, well-developed solutions. Using aluminium allows the company to create particularly large elements. Depending on the type of opening, heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems can be constructed with one, two or three-track frames and up to six movable casements, and are therefore suitable for particularly large building openings. Large-surface glazing serves as an almost invisible link between inside and outside, creating impressive views.

The all-glass door or casement corner for opening creates a particularly aesthetic design. The all-glass corner made of insulation glass has no element frame in the joint area to block the view to the outside. Constructed as a 90° casement corner for opening, the corner provides unrestricted access to the outside, since it is also installed in the corner area without a support. To ensure accessibility in all passageways, heroal offers cross-system solutions with zero threshold which can be combined with a heroal DS drainage system for reliable surface drainage.

The Easy Move function provides additional comfort, damping and automatically retracting the sliding casements up to a weight of 400 kg during opening and closing, also protecting against personnel being caught or the casement being damaged due to unchecked pushing against the frame. In addition, a motorised drive ensures maximum operating comfort: Combined with the heroal SF Drive, which can be installed easily via plug-and play, heroal lifting-sliding door systems are simple, comfortable and safe to operate – at the push of a button, with a remote control, or via connection to a smart home system. In addition, only the elegant operating panel is externally visible, thanks to the fully integrated construction.

Due to in-house coating services, heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems can be adapted to the customer’s desired custom colour. heroal sliding and lifting-sliding applications also achieve excellent soundproofing, heat insulation and burglary protection ratings. High-quality insulating materials and an innovative construction provide effective soundproofing. In addition, they also reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside, ensuring better comfort indoors especially during heating periods, with a positive effect on a building’s energy footprint. System solutions achieve the required heat insulation – even for large glass surfaces – with UW values from 0.86 K/(m²K) thanks to the well-designed construction of the casement profile. They can also be combined with heroal sun protection and insect screen solutions. To improve burglary resistance, all sliding systems from heroal can be equipped with specialised safety features such as anti-lift devices, floor-mounted locks, or drilling protection, thereby achieving resistance class RC 2 in all commonly available opening variants.

heroal S 77 SL and heroal S 77 lifting-sliding door systems

The lifting-sliding door system heroal S 77 SL is one of the highlight products in the heroal sliding door portfolio. It delivers outstanding performance features thanks to its innovative frame construction. The system combines a monorail casement that runs smoothly on a stainless steel runner with a fixed frame glazing that creates good transparency thanks to the high percentage of glass. The fixed glazing in the panel frame also ensures fast processing. Thanks to the 3-chamber profile system with high insulation value, combined with double thermally isolate profiles, heroal S 77 SL delivers especially effective heat insulation and ensures a comfortable indoor climate, while the versatile heroal S 77 lifting-sliding door system also ensures almost unlimited design possibilities thanks to the 2 and 3-track frame.

heroal S 65 sliding door system

heroal S 65 is a new aluminium sliding door system from heroal that can be used to create generously sized passageway openings between living space and outside areas by pushing the casement to the side. The system stands out visually for its narrow central joint, which is just 62 mm in width and creates a delicate appearance. heroal S 65 also scores points for outstanding production efficiency: A reduced number of parts, a higher degree of prefabrication thanks to pre-assembled labyrinth profiles, and profile finishing that requires just a few milled areas and is primarily possible using fewer drill templates make heroal S 65 an efficient and reliable to process system. Because of this, heroal S 65 is suitable both for elevated residential construction and property construction whenever highly economical solutions are needed.

heroal S 20 C all-glass sliding wall system

The newly developed heroal S 20 C all-glass sliding wall system allows for use of covered outside areas regardless of the wind and weather, and provides an aesthetic and functional sliding solution for indoor use. Thanks to a variety of opening options, the non-insulated aluminium system delivers excellent flexibility. Plug-fit frame connectors, adjustable carriages and simple glazing using sealing wedges ensure fast, easy manufacturing. The frameless casements and a zero threshold that can be integrated into the floor give the sliding door added transparency and ensure accessibility in use. Soft stops ensure the casement closes securely and comfortably, as it is automatically dampened and drawn into its final position. Casement tappets and durable stainless steel rails also improve comfort. That makes heroal S 20 C an ideal addition indoors or in any outdoor living area.