13. 1. 2021

Optimised textile sun protection systems

Verl, January 2021. heroal has expanded its textile sun protection solutions to adapt their design, function and installation to continuously growing market demands and additional applications. heroal will be presenting the new products at BAU ONLINE.

Added value through adjustments to design, function and installation

Especially in the contract business, demand is growing for sun protection solutions for shade options on large glass surfaces that significantly optimise indoor building climates. Previously, textile sun protection systems from heroal could cover up to 15 square meters in surface area and five meters in width; now, they can cover even larger areas: The heroal VS Z is now available in element widths of up to six meters. They can be used to shade extensive areas of up to 18 square metres (at a width of 6 metres and a height of 3 metres) with textile screens. A new 100 millimetre diameter shaft ensures these dimensions can be handled even with a small mounting bracket size of 125 millimetres.

The new guide rails of the heroal VS Z are a unique highlight, setting a new market standard with a view width of just 25 millimetres. The guide rail uses invisible screw fittings that are suitable for installation on a wall or window or in a reveal. Attachment is now faster as well: The guide rails can be clipped onto the wall installation bracket, allowing the installation profile to be easily aligned to the structure. If the guide rail needs to be plastered over and fully covered, this is now possible thanks to the interior cover cap structure. A new kind of highly sturdy bracket system made of a steel motor bearing and decorative aluminium cap has also been added to the 25 millimetre system.

For even more variety in design, we have extended the colour and material selection of the textile screens for the systems heroal VS Z, heroal VS C (with stainless steel cable guide) and heroal VS (with curtain guide over the end slat). Now, in addition to the existing textiles, the four new textile types Sergé 3 %, Sergé 600 Blockout Lunar, Sergé 600 Blockout Solar and Soltis 86 14 % are also available, to offer even better variety for full or partial darkening. These can block up to 100 % of solar radiation and UV rays, depending on the textile selected.

A new trailing edge was developed to prevent the formation of wrinkles in challenging element sizes, such as particularly wide, narrow and high elements. Different weighting options with one or two weights and additional, optional stabilisation with a rectangular hollow section help optimise the spanning of the textile screen. Since the new end slat has the same view height as the end slat in the existing product range, combined installation with the existing type II end slat is possible. If the textile assembly needs to be removed, this is easy to do thanks to an optimised roller capsule. The new disassembly ring can be easily pulled over the locking nose for this purpose to unlock the roller capsule.

New options have also been developed for door/window combinations. A system division of coupled elements with different element heights can now be realised with a continuous panel box.

In addition, a new panel in sizes 105 and 125 millimetres has been constructed in order to provide a clear, full-surface view of the mounting brackets with contra installation, without an additional groove for ceiling and wall brackets.

In addition, the heroal FMB box system in a 105 millimetre size is available in the future if downward revision is required. It offers a space-saving alternative to the existing FMB box size of 125 millimetres.

Full information on the systems and services presented at BAU ONLINE 2021 is available at www.heroal.de/bau-munich .