13. 1. 2021

heroal D 72: The all-around choice now offers even more

Verl, January 2021. The heroal D 72 front and commercial door system offers an outstanding variety of design in a single system, fulfils the highest technical requirements, and ensures reliable, quick production. heroal has added a range of functions with additional advantages to the proven all-around choice for BAU ONLINE 2021.

Variety of functions added to the established front and commercial door system heroal D 72

Thanks to its outstanding flexibility in terms of function, design, and applications, along with highly-efficient production, the heroal D 72 aluminium door system has established itself as an in-demand aluminium door system on the German market since it was introduced. heroal D 72 can be used to construct all common types of opening – automatic door systems, finger guard doors, and burglar-resistant doors, including with emergency exit door function. Now, additional functions have been added to this proven all-around choice.

Time-saving, reliable production

The connector screws allow for simpler, more efficient, and more reliable work on corners without a riveting pin or chisel hammer. Thanks to new mounting sets for the outward-opening barrel door hinges, the adjustment range has also been optimised significantly. The existing drilling pattern on older mounting sets can still be used. In addition, the multifunctional die used to produce the profile has also been developed. This allows all significant processing steps to be completed with a single tool, such as punches for nail and/or injection holes, base and casement drainage or docking frame/casement stops. Another new feature is the two-piece door and replacement threshold, which combines the advantages of a continuous door threshold with a threshold installed between the frame. The tilting system technology ensures simple, economical installation. Using the new replacement threshold improves installation in renovations of older buildings. Thanks to its outstanding diversity and many new functions, the heroal D 72 fulfils all current requirements and embodies a well-designed system solution for every installation situation and architectural style, from private homes to buildings, new construction, or renovations.

Design freedom with added functionality

The heroal D 72 is an aesthetic and functional solution for architects, planners and building owners. Thanks to the highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating, the door system can be custom-coated to create impressive entryway areas in sophisticated residential and property construction – with different colours inside and out, if desired.

Combining the door with the heroal DS drainage system offers added comfort and security. The drainage system can be used to construct barrier-free entrances without a threshold, while reliably draining surface water. In addition, heroal D 72 fulfils the heat insulation requirements of the German Building Energy Act. The aluminium door system also provides burglar resistance up to resistance class RC 3.