13. 1. 2021

Window systems from heroal: highest heat insulation with a small installation depth

Verl, January 2021. The systems supplier heroal has been represented on the market with aluminium window systems for around 50 years. New and further developments focus primarily on the aspect of heat insulation with a simultaneously filigree appearance. At BAU ONLINE 2021, heroal will show what makes heroal window systems special.

heroal W 77 PH

Very low installation depths combined with high heat insulation – that's what heroal window systems stand for. The portfolio includes product variants tailored to the very individual requirements of fabricators, architects, planners and builders. The basis for the variants are the two aluminium window systems heroal W 72 and heroal W 77.

The heroal W 72 window system is a versatile system that stands for optimum quality with high energy and cost efficiency – in production as well as throughout its service life. With variants such as heroal W 72 RL or heroal W 72 CL, the system offers solutions for every range of application – from new buildings to renovations. With an installation depth of 72 mm and a view width of 120 mm, heroal W 72 achieves Uf values of 1.3 W/(m²K), thus fulfilling the heat insulation requirements of the German Building Energy Act (GEG 2020).

If higher requirements are placed on heat insulation, the heroal W 77 window system is the ideal solution. The heroal W 77 HI variant with high thermal insulation achieves a significantly better Uf value of 0.95 W/(m²K) with only a slightly larger installation depth of 77 mm and a view width of 120 mm. In addition, heroal offers the heroal W 77 PH variant for use in passive houses with the view width increased to 180 mm. With a Uf value of 0.78 W/(m²K), this even meets the high requirements of the German Dr Feist Passive House Institute for passive house certification. The heroal W 77 PH window system is thus the passive house-certified aluminium compound system with the smallest installation depth on the German market.

heroal W 72 VF

New window rebate fan and ventilation flap for a pleasant indoor climate

In addition to heat insulation, ventilation also contributes to a pleasant and healthy indoor atmosphere. To ensure user-independent moisture protection in accordance with DIN 1946-6, to guarantee a flow of fresh air for fans and to prevent the formation of mould, heroal has developed the heroal W 72 window rebate fan. The window rebate fan is not visible from either inside or outside with the window closed. It is visually discreet even when the window is open because it is inserted almost invisibly into the upper internal seal. It also provides proper soundproofing. The system's ventilation flaps close automatically to avoid unpleasant draughts in strong winds, while they provide the necessary fresh air in living spaces under normal weather conditions. The fan works purely mechanically: The pressure differential inside the building causes the fresh air to flow inside. The window rebate fan will be presented for the first time at BAU ONLINE 2021.

If a building project requires a user-independent, natural ventilation concept that provides automatic ventilation day and night, the heroal W 72 VF ventilation flap is the perfect choice. The ventilation flap integrates itself into the curtain walls by means of motor-driven opening elements – either as a narrow, storey-high rotary element version or as a horizontal tilting element (transom window). heroal W 72 VF can be coated in custom colours according to the customer's wishes. Casements with high heat insulation and concealed fittings also ensure maximum functionality with heat insulation and burglary protection.