28. 1. 2019

Curtain walls reinterpreted

heroal to present an innovative curtain wall system and insert elements at BAU 2019 - heroal will be introducing an innovation concept for curtain walls at BAU 2019: the heroal C 50 GD curtain wall system, which offers a new interpretation of narrow view widths. Furthermore, the company is expanding its portfolio by adding newly developed insert elements and options for a harmonized integration of sun protection systems, which expand heroal curtain wall systems’ versatile scope of applications with innovative solutions.

Thanks to variable and functionally-reliable system concepts, heroal curtain wall systems provide fabricators, architects and planners with solutions for nearly every construction project in commercial and residential construction. The systems meet growing requirements regarding energy-efficiency in the building shell without sacrificing first-class design. In time for BAU, heroal has developed new and innovative concepts and solutions which take curtain walls to the next level.

heroal C 50 GD

Glass mullions create maximum transparency

heroal C 50 GD is a design study which represents a true highlight when it comes to curtain walls. The concept benefits from the idea of reflection in two ways: the view width of the mullion is visually reduced on the inside while the installation depth of the mullion is decreased on the outside. This effect is possible thanks to the use of a glass fin which takes on the static tasks of the traditional aluminium mullion. Architects and planners gain access to a world of new possibilities for creating maximum transparency – even on large surface areas up to a height of 5 metres. Almost limitless design choices are created by the optional lighting of the glass fin with LED, the design of the fin with individually decorated panels, the coating of the aluminium components with especially durable and highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating in all RAL colour shades, the colours of Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier and heroal SD surface finishing.

For fabricators, the advantage lies in the system’s reliability: heroal C 50 GD is based on the established curtain wall system heroal C 50. The fabricator orders the modular glass to measure, which heroal delivers to ensure that fabricator can continue working with the products as usual. Consequently, a seal certification is no longer required for the fabricator. The glass fin can be reversibly removed through the clear separation plane, for example in order to change the design.

Unlike other comparable systems, a controlled ordering process is planned for heroal C 50 GD. No individual production for provided dimensions are required for single construction projects, which significantly reduces delivery times.

heroal W 72 VF

Construction kit for heroal curtain wall systems

The heroal C 50 curtain wall system can be expanded with different insert elements and integrated system solutions, which not only increase the comfort of living but also support the unique design.

The heroal CWW 112 element is a sink-folding window or a parallel exhibition window that was especially developed for the curtain wall system heroal C 50. Depending on the selected fitting, it may be used as sink-folding window or as parallel exhibition window and provides the option of integrating windows without window or casement frames being visible from the outside – for uncompromising design with maximum transparency. Applications that require a retaining device can also be realised thanks to the optional framed glass strip. A completely integrated or fitted motorisation ensures the highest operating comfort.

Another insert element that contributes to a healthy room climate is the ventilation flap heroal W 72 VF. Thanks to motorisation that is independent of the user, controlled, natural ventilation concepts can be implemented. The lean, floor-to-ceiling opening elements are discreetly integrated and thereby form a harmonious unit with the curtain walls.

heroal C 50 und heroal VS Z

In addition to insert elements that ensure sufficient ventilation of the building, exterior sun protection also contributes to a pleasant climate. For the curtain wall system heroal C 50, heroal offers a fully integrated solution in the form of the heroal VS Z sun protection system. Thanks to the low coil diameter, the textile sun protection heroal VS Z can be integrated into the curtain wall system and is thus hidden. Where needed, the building is effectively protected from the sun on the outside – and this with a range of fabric colours and fabric types and various degrees of light transmittance. The durable and weather-resistant fabrics are PVC-free and available as a range from complete darkening variants to slight shading. The colour coordination of the curtain wall system with the sun protection system is made possible with hwr powder coating. Even at great heights and in gusty storms, the sun protection is wind-resistant, because its zipper system on the sides provides support in the guide rails.

heroal AFI Vokovice

The sun protection system heroal VS Z can be fully integrated into the heroal C 50 curtain wall – as was done here in the AFI Vokovice building complex in Prague.

heroal C 50 GD Milieu

The innovative heroal C 50 GD curtain wall system creates maximum transparency thanks to the glass fin.