Roll-up Doors

Combining Design and Comfort with Security

Garage doors often provide direct access to one’s home, and protect all valuable belongings inside; it is for this reason that a secure roll-up garage door is of utmost importance. heroal garage doors offer not only tested burglar security , but also certified protection from hail and storms . The range includes roller doors, overhead doors, and roller grilles in a variety of colors and design variations .

Additionally, the automatic control system provides comfort and freedom when it comes to adjusting your garage door. Reliability and durability remain at the forefront of every quality item produced by heroal.

What Sets heroal Roll-Up Doors Apart ?

Premium Burglar Resistance

As the latest statistics have proven, there has been a troubling increase in garage burglaries in recent years. With criminals seeking out the weakest entry point of a home or commercial facility, the door can easily be levered out of the guide rails. To combat this increased crime, heroal has developed a tried and tested roll-up door system, produced with extra-strength, premium-quality materials and high stability guide rails. In addition to supreme burglar resistance, the garage doors also protect against harsh weather conditions.

Designed to Your Preference

Roll-up garage doors are not only a practical solution, but a sophisticated design element too, made to compliment the exterior aesthetic of your home. The heroal range of roll-up doors can be custom-designed to fit large openings in buildings, and take up as little space as possible when opened – this way, the high-quality doors fit seamlessly into the overall appearance of the building. Choose from an extensive color palette and plenty of surface optics; create your own combination with visual, grille and ventilation profiles that match your house exterior.

A User-Friendly System for Everyday Use

With an intuitive and easy-to-use system, operating the robust aluminum roll-up doors is a simple and enjoyable process. Each system is made of individual components and comfort elements such as electrical devices or controls. Your safety is our priority. Accident prevention is taken seriously in the engineering of all heroal garage doors; this can be seen with features such as an anti-fall device and an optional manual override system.

Which Installation Options Does heroal Offer?

heroal roll-up doors can be installed as overhead doors with a center or lateral drive, or built into a box system. The installation option you choose, depends on your installation situation and the frequency of use. Is your garage of a particularly low height or an unusual width? Or is it exposed to extreme wind loads and heavy use? With our versatile solutions, you’ll be sure to find the right garage door to fit all of your needs. Each product comes with a fast installation process for both new builds and later installations.

Design Options for All Tastes

With heroal’s variety of design options, finding a suitable roll-up garage door that blends in with the aesthetic of the whole house, is a simple process. Something to match the rolling shutters, a color to compliment the house paint, or an element that fits with your home’s unique look – whatever it is, heroal’s roll-up door systems have it covered. There is a whole selection of features to choose from, including four different box sizes, versatile ventilation and visual profiles with or without acrylic glass or with expanded metal. Additionally, each system can be installed with a front-mounted 45° box or alternatively, a system inside the garage door.

  • acrylic glass: visual profile with protection from dirt
  • Open: visual grille profile with additional airflow
  • Expanded metal: grille profile with additional airflow and visual protection

Which Roll-Up Door Is Right for Me?

Best Installation Option for a Small Garage

Smaller garages often require a space-saving solution. With this in mind, heroal created the RD 55 roll-up door. The roller door slats have a coverage width of 55 mm, adding to its subtle appearance. The narrow roller door slats are the perfect space-saving solution. The RD 55 roll-up door offers the following benefits:

  • Space-saving solution for installation situations with minimal space
  • Low winding diameter
  • Small box sizes for an attractive appearance

Best Installation Option for a Large Garage

heroal has developed the RD 75 roll-up door for larger garages. This garage door is the ideal space-saving solution for openings that require a particularly large and wide door. The slat of the roll-up door has a coverage width of 75 mm. As an additional design element, you can choose from a range of visual, grille and ventilation profiles. The RD 75 offers the following features:

  • Ideal for large openings
  • Wide selection of design variations
  • Roll-formed or extruded material
  • Extreme wind stability
  • Anti-push-up device

Best Installation Option for a Low Garage

For garages with a low ceiling, heroal developed the OD 75 overhead door. It includes slightly wider roller door slats and a coverage width of 75 mm. Safe and reliable, the door is smoothly guided directly under the ceiling by the guide rails. The OD 75 overhead door offers the following:

  • A particularly space-saving roll-up door solution for deep rooms
  • Center drive for larger doors
  • Lateral drive for smaller doors with minimal ceiling height

Choose the Right Control and Security Elements for You

There are a variety of options when it comes to controlling your heroal garage door. From manual control via a wall-mounted radio transmitter to a simple app on your phone, heroal lets you operate and control your doors as you wish. Whether it’s central control at the push of a button, or timed programming for when you’re not at home – whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed the ultimate security. When it comes to safety, heroal offers plenty of choices. You can customize your roll-up door according to your needs, for example, with a warning light, a light signal, or a safety edge. Such safety precautions can be particularly useful for those with kids in the home. Our emergency crank handle is the ideal solution to keep your home protected even in the case of a power outage. Whatever your preference, we’ve got an option for you.

Examples of Application

heroal roll-up garage doors are made with aluminum in order to achieve the ultimate stability and reliability. Thanks to a wide range of technical and design features, our garage doors are suitable for any installation situation. Browse through the below examples for inspiration:

Our Product Properties at a Glance

  • Energy efficient
  • Protection against hail and storm
  • Various color and design options
  • Customizable according to your needs
  • Advanced security and burglar protection

  • Soundproofing and smooth operation
  • Various safety features and control options available
  • Excellent space-saving solution
  • Different varieties available

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One of the most important things in life is the freedom to choose – and heroal fully supports this. As a family-run company with over 140 years of experience, we strongly believe that you should never compromise on quality. With the extensive range of heroal products, there is no shortage of optimal solutions that meet all demands. As leaders in technology, quality for us means better efficiency, better reliability, and better performance and therefore solutions that are “SIMPLY BETTER”.

After over 30 years of fostering business relations with the US, heroal is now fully represented in the United States of America. Since 2015, heroal has provided complete support and a fully qualified on-site team as well as a dedicated service team at our customer’s disposal. The same values are of utmost importance to both our German and our American organizations: quality engineering, premium innovation, and flawless service. Your local team is ready when you are!

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