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Garage Door Sizes

High-quality Roll-up Doors in any Size

In addition to standard dimensions, heroal roll-up doors are also available in many custom sizes. We will even manufacture your heroal roll-up garage doors to the dimensions of your garage door. And it doesn’t matter if you have a single or double garage, or whether it is particularly narrow or wide. Our partner in your area will measure the opening of your garage on site and install your roll-up door in the required size. What this also means, of course, is that you can retrofit a heroal roll-up door when you do renovations. And although your garage door can be of any height and width imaginable, it will be delivered and installed quickly, easily and professionally.

Best Installation Option for a Small Garage

Smaller garages often require a space-saving solution. With this in mind, heroal created the RD 55 roll-up door. The roller door slats have a coverage width of 55 mm (approx. 2.2 inches) and a nominal thickness of only 14 mm (approx. 0.55 inches). The roll-formed rod is thus very slim and can be stacked densely. Due to the small bale diameter, box sizes from 230 mm (approx. 9 inches) are possible. The heroal RD 55 roll-up door can be used for garage doors of up to the following dimensions:

Width [in]137.80
Hight [in]118.11
Surface [ft2]113.02

Best Installation Option for a Large Garage

heroal has developed the RD 75 roll-up door for larger garages. This garage door is the ideal space-saving solution for openings that require a particularly large and wide door. The slat of the roll-up door has a coverage width of 75 mm (approx. 3 inches). As an additional design element, you can choose from a range of visual, grille and ventilation profiles. The heroal RD 75 roll-up door profile is available as a roll-formed or extruded option. The heroal RD 75 roll-up door can be used for garage doors of up to the following dimensions:

Width [in]236.22
Hight [in]196.85
Surface [ft2]226.04

Best Installation Option for a Low Garage

For garages with a low ceiling, heroal developed the OD 75 overhead door. It includes slightly wider roller door slats and a coverage width of 75 mm (approx. 3 inches). Safe and reliable, the door is smoothly guided directly under the ceiling by the guide rails. With a side motor, a lintel height of 65 mm (approx. 2.3 inches) is sufficient to install your heroal roll-up garage door. Bigger garage doors of up to 4x4 m (approx. 13 x 13 feet) can be operated with a center motor if it has a minimum lintel height of only 135 mm (approx. 5.3 inches). The OD 75 overhead door can be used for garage doors of up to the following dimensions:

Width [in]157.48
Hight [in]153.54
Surface [ft2]172.22

Our Garage Door Dimension Dictionary

Here we explain the most common terms that you will find when it comes to the size of a garage door.

Bale diameter The bale diameter is the diameter of the wound-up roll-up door; this determines the box size you will need.
Deck width The visible height of the roll-up door profilewhen the roll-up door is closed.
Headroom Headroom means the clear height of the element minus the distance of the curtain where it enters the guide rails. The entrance distance should correspond at least with the coverage width of the inserted profile.
Clear width Also called clearance. In building definition, this refers to the distance from wall to wall. In element definition, this is the distance between the guide rails of the roll-up door. If these are mounted on the wall, the building and element definition clearance correspond to each other. If the roll-up door is mounted in the reveal, the clear width in the element definition will be lower by twice the size of the guide rail compared to the building definition.
Clear height Also called headroom. This refers to the free vertical space, i.e. the distance from edge to edge.
Nominal thickness The nominal thickness refers to the visible thickness of a roll-up door profile.
Roll-formed In order to produce the roll-up door slat, the aluminum strip is formed into the required shape with rolls.
Extruded To produce the roll-up door profile, the aluminum raw material is heated and pressed through a die.

Our Product Properties at a Glance

  • Extreme wind stability
  • Anti-push-up device
  • Various color and design options
  • Customizable according to your needs
  • Excellent space-saving solution

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