Hurricane Shutters

Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters - Protection All Year Round

Life near the coast – despite the views, the fresh seafood and the activities – comes at a cost the hassle of worrying about storm and hurricane protection. Having an all-encompassing solution that, once installed, requires little or no effort from your end, provides you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your home and all its contents are safe, secure and protected. The unique heroal hurricane shutters offer an intuitive system that requires minimum effort and ensures maximum protection. Combining premium engineering and quality design, all of our window shutters have been tested and approved under the most demanding hurricane rating codes: Florida Building Code & Texas Department of Insurance.

What Sets heroal Hurricane Shutters Apart?

Designed for Impact Resistance

For homes that are at the mercy of unruly weather forces, a storm shutter system that withstands even the most violent of hurricanes is the only option. Sand blasting, water penetration, driven and airborne debris – the heroal roll-down hurricane shutters have it all covered. Withstanding winds of up to 150 mph, the shutters can be controlled from near or far either with wind sensors or with your smartphone.

Maximum Color Diversity and Aesthetics

Whether you’re dealing with a renovation or a new construction, thanks to a comprehensive RAL color palette, and different surface options , heroal aluminum and stainless steel storm shutters fit into every curtain wall aesthetic and match all exteriors. The custom designed shutters are available with small winding diameters and in individual sizes, making them suitable for openings of all sizes up to 102.3 ft².

One Hurricane Shutter System Does All

For maximum peace of mind, one multifunctional system that takes care of everything is the ideal hurricane protection solution. Although impact resistance is the most important element, there are more added benefits to rolling shutters than there may seem. Noise protection, privacy, energy efficiency, design and quality made in Germany – these are just a few extra qualities that can be expected from the heroal window shutters.

Hurricane Shutters to Suit Your Individual Needs and Specific Location

Hurricane Shutters certified by Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance

In order to ensure that buildings have effective hurricane protection, the Florida Building Code (FBC) and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) have important standards of performance for aspects such as windows and shutters in areas at risk from hurricanes. The Florida Building Code and the Texas Department of Insurance divide these states into different hazard areas based on wind zones. Each zone is subject to its own strict guidelines, which must be taken into account when installing building components such as windows and shutters in new buildings and renovations. Impact tests are used to test whether the components meet the hurricane protection requirements. These tests simulate flying debris that can damage a building during a hurricane. The objects used to simulate debris differ in length, weight and impact speed according to the desired certification. The highest certification that can be obtained is a category E certification. For this test, a lumber with a length of 2.4 m (approx. 7.9 feet) and a weight of 4.1 kg (approx. 9 pounds) is launched at a test object – such as a window or a shutter – at a speed of 86 km/h (approx. 53 miles/h).

Hurricane Shutters Category D: Key Aspects

Preparing a property against violent weather conditions is something that requires a lot of foresight and experience – luckily, the heroal storm shutters reflect just that. With over 50 years’ experience in roller shutter products, heroal’s category D shutters are crafted to stand the test of both: time and elements. Additionally, the system drastically reduces the risk of burglary during the time before and after a major storm hits. Produced in Germany, the high-quality aluminum shutters have been tested and approved according to ASTM standards and can be used for all hurricane-prone areas. The easy-to-use standby system can be activated with the touch of a button. The storm shutters have a high weather resistant surface with a two-layer thick coating. Maximum protection and innovative technology do not mean compromising on design: the rolling shutters also act as an elegant design feature to add some personality to your home.

  • Quality aluminum shutters made in Germany
  • Innovative technology
  • Tested according to ASTM standards
  • Standby system at the touch of a button
  • heroal high weather resistant powder coating
  • Sophisticated design feature

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Hurricane Shutters Category E: Key Aspects

Security and protection are important values for both private residences and commercial properties alike. Combining the precision and reliability of German engineering with the latest technological innovations, the heroal category E exterior shutters offer a unique solution in the storm protection industry for class 5 protection. All products have been tested according to ASTM standards and not only protect against the highest level of hurricane, but also against burglaries and theft. Suitable for a variety of locations such as homes, federal buildings, police stations and military bases, the premium quality components ensure that the foam-filled roller shutter slats can withstand whatever comes your way. Protecting property, belongings, and everything inside, heroal provides the right comprehensive solution for both commercial and residential buildings alike.

  • Premium quality components
  • For commercial and residential use
  • Approved according to FBC and TDI standards
  • Suitable for commercial and residential properties
  • Roll-formed and foam-filled stainless steel slats

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What Makes heroal Hurricane Shutters so Strong?

Crafted from either aluminum or stainless steel, all components of the heroal outdoor shutters are made from premium materials that are designed for durability and resilience. The exclusive protection systems come equipped with a guide rail and an innovative T-end lock mechanism, ensuring the ultimate protection against all forces. The system can cover up to a maximum size of 10 x 10.5 ft. All of this can be simply operated at the touch of a button, giving you complete control of how and when the shutters appear. The box system, where the shutters are discreetly stored, is available in the 45° design, and there are four different sizes available.

Hurricane Shutter Examples of Application

For the ultimate level of storm protection, the heroal roll-down hurricane shutters provide maximum security and an intuitive user experience – so that protecting your home is made easy. For ideas, inspiration and different design options when applying heroal to the home, browse through the examples below:

Here’s What People Say About Our Roller Shutters


Julia (Gilroy, CA)

“Are you satisfied with your purchase?”

“My husband says it’s one of the best moves we ever made on our house. The shutters keep the heat out, the cool in, thief’s out and rain off our oak French doors.”


Peggy (Los Gatos, CA)

“In which rooms did you install heroal roller shutters?”

“We have shutters installed in three locations. In our video room on two skylights and a window to achieve darkness at anytime of day to enjoy movies, etc…In our bedroom, we have noticed a marked difference in controlling both the heating and air conditioning of the room year-round, it has been energy savings and provides security and privacy. Our third location is rather unique, we have a secure workshop area under a deck of our house, it’s like creating a room with minimal expense. All of our tools are secure, and it is easy to work there.”

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Marian (Oakland, CA)

“Why did you choose roller shutters from heroal?”

“I purchased a rolling shutter from heroal to help solve a leakage problem with a set of doors that was exposed to extreme weather conditions. The shutter not only solved this leakage problem but created a barrier between the elements and my bedroom reducing the energy needs for this room.”


Alan (San Francisco, CA)

“What is the main application of heroal roller shutters in your house?”

“Initially, we installed the shutters to block out ambient light during the day, so that we could watch our large projection television…we use the shutters more and more on a regular basis for security and protection from rain storms…we close the shutters every night for privacy and security, and we leave the shutters down when out of town.”

heroal Hurricane Shutters at a Glance

  • Tested quality for maximum protection
  • Approved by all relevant bodies
  • Withstands impacts of up to 80 f/s
  • Withstands wind speeds of up to 150 mph
  • Effective visual cover and sound insulation
  • Category E rated protection system

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Our heroal Promise: Manufactured in Germany, Fabricated in North America

One of the most important things in life is the freedom to choose – and heroal fully supports this. As a family-run company with over 140 years of experience, we strongly believe that you should never compromise on quality. With the extensive range of heroal products, there is no shortage of optimal solutions that meet all demands. As leaders in technology, quality for us means better efficiency, better reliability, and better performance and therefore solutions that are “SIMPLY BETTER”.

After over 30 years of fostering business relations with the US, heroal is now fully represented in the United States of America. Since 2015, heroal has provided complete support and a fully qualified on-site team as well as a dedicated service team at our customer’s disposal. The same values are of utmost importance to both our German and our American organizations: quality engineering, premium innovation, and flawless service. Your local team is ready when you are!

  • Over 3,500 specialist partners worldwide
  • Products of certified quality
  • Family-run company with a long tradition
  • Made in Germany
  • Fabricated in North America
  • Individual design
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Best technical solutions