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heroal RD 75

Space Saving Solution for Large Openings

If particularly wide and high roller doors are being constructed, an open installation without a box is the perfect solution to enable the best use of the available space, for example in the industrial sector or in underground parking garage. The boxless type of installation, with its small number of components, is also an excellent choice when it comes to economy.

heroal RD 75 Boxed Roller Doors

Aesthetically pleasing look – technology protected
Elegantly creative and at the same time protected from environmental and external factors – boxed installation of roller doors in panel systems. Thanks to the versatile range of equipment options, this type of installation is ideally suited for residential and commercial use. The option to install the box retrospectively is an additional advantage: this converts a boxless installation to a boxed installation quickly and economically.

Cross section

System dimensions

Coverage width [mm|in]
75 2.95
Max. clear width [mm|in]
6.000 19
Max. clear height [mm|in]
5.000 16.50
Max. area [m2|ft2]
16,0 172

Performance characteristics

4* Wind load resistance
TTZ*** Resistance to burglary
6** Hail class
Anti-push-up device can be integrated

* acc. EN 13241, with 9.85 ft clear width

** acc. VKF (Swiss Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies) Test Specifications No. 02. The value reflects the mechanical functional capability.

*** tested burglary resistance acc. TTZ guideline (Industry association gates, doors, sashes)

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