Hurricane Protection Systems

Tested quality for a secure home - When in 1992 Hurricane Andrew hit Florida causing damages worth roughly $25 billion dollars it became clear that wind zone levels were insufficient, the existing standards had been disregarded, and existing codes were not being enforced. Consequently, adjusted missile impact test standards were put in place and more stringent building codes in Florida & Texas have been established, which are nowadays the highest standards not only in these areas but also in the whole country.

The unique heroal hurricane protection systems grant the needed ultimate level in security and storm protection for your home or business. Our solutions are certified by the Florida Building Code, as well as Texas Department of Insurance and are the only HVHZ approved systems in the roller shutter industry for category E protection.

Not only do our products provide the highest level of certified hurricane protection, they have also been developed to provide increased energy efficiency, burglar resistance, design and environmental sustainability purposes.

  • Highest Level of Impact Resistance

    Highest Level of Impact Resistance

    heroal hurricane protection systems reached the highest level of hurricane protection during tests according to the Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance. Depending on the categories D and E the shutter is exposed to impacts caused by a wooden beam reaching speeds of 50 f/s or up to 80 f/s.

  • Security, Safety and Storm Protection

    Security, Safety and Storm Protection

    Home protection is increasingly important these days. Regardless of protection against burglary or strong weather conditions, your private home is affected by multiple threats. The heroal hurricane protection systems feature maximum protection and a sense of well-being in your home. The use of our selected profile geometry and foam insulation, combined with durable weather resistant qualities of aluminum and stainless steel materials, enable the heroal hurricane protection systems to achieve cutting-edge performance to protect all kinds of essential buildings.

  • High Level of Energy Efficiency

    High Level of Energy Efficiency

    heroal hurricane protection systems are real energy savers. During cold nights, the loss of energy is significantly reduced due to the stable air space between window and shutter curtain. On the other hand, during summer time automated roller shutters help to cut energy costs on air conditioning. Up to 56% of energy costs can be saved overnight by a lowered heroal roller shutter system.

heroal Hurricane Protection Systems

Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance

In order to ensure that buildings have effective hurricane protection, the Florida Building Code (FBC) and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) have important standards of performance for aspects such as windows and shutters in areas at risk from hurricanes. The Florida Building Code and the Texas Department of Insurance divide these states into different hazard areas based on wind zones. Each zone is subject to its own strict guidelines, which must be taken into account when installing building components such as windows and shutters in new buildings and renovations. Impact tests are used to test whether the components meet the hurricane protection requirements. These tests simulate flying debris that can damage a building during a hurricane. The objects used to simulate debris differ in length, weight and impact speed according to the desired certification. The highest certification that can be obtained is a category E certification. For this test, a lumber with a length of 2.4 m (approx. 7.9 feet) and a weight of 4.1 kg (approx. 9 pounds) is launched at a test object – such as a window or a shutter – at a speed of 86 km/h (approx. 53 miles/h).

Florida Building Code > Texas Department of Insurance >

Elegant Design for an Unique Building Envelope

heroal has been setting international quality standards for decades with its aluminum finishes, meeting the demand for compatible, high quality colors for the various systems. The challenge is to meet all different requirements regarding the individual finishing technologies for roller shutter systems. heroal powder coatings (hwr) allow the best possible level of finishes in various glosses and they are available in almost every RAL color for all extruded profiles. The high quality heroal 2-layer thick coating is used for all roll-formed profiles. The heroal hwr powder coating fulfills quality tests from independent testing institutes – and it also observes all ecological requirements. In order to receive these certificates, the surfaces must withstand the so-called Florida weathering test with high UV exposure over a time period of 36 months without any fundamental alterations in terms of degree of gloss or color stability. heroal offers a surface coating that is guaranteed to be durable. This ensures that all systems are well designed to withstand any weather condition. They are a worthwhile investment, not only in the property sector. The unique heroal stainless steel slats stand for the highest level of protection (Category E).

How Do I Set up a heroal Hurricane Protection System?

Here you can find the detailed information of the hurricane protection systems category D and E for your project. Both systems are available as prefabricated heroal ready element as well as a system solution.

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You can find all the information relating to our hurricane shutter systems in our brochure.

Brochure heroal hurricane protection systems

Unlimited, Uncomplicated Service

Overcoming borders and crossing oceans has never been easier than with heroal. We have a competent team consisting of our local office in Orlando and our sales representatives across America, who are all there to assist you with any questions you may have. Your order is handled by the local team in Orlando and then quickly and safely shipped across the Atlantic by our logistics experts. As your partner, we take care of the entire logistics process until the goods are delivered to your company's premises. Worried because you have never installed a roller shutter before? Our individually tailored training courses will quickly make experts of you and your team when it comes to roller shutters, retractable screens and roll-down hurricane shutters. As a processor, you get a decided edge that sets you apart from your competitors due to the unique qualities of our products, such as the category E certification of our hurricane shutters.

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“heroal has one of the most advanced quality control lines that we have ever seen. This prioritization of quality gives us a sense of reassurance above and beyond what we expected, making us confident and proud to build shutters using their products.”

-Al Abrahamson Founder & President of Ultra-Lite Shutters-

Nevada Rolling Shutters

“We have been working with heroal for nearly 40 years and remain satisfied with their product quality and their support. Working with quality material really makes a difference, especially when you are trying to keep your customers happy!”

-Bruce Hoover owner of Nevada Rolling Shutter-


“As a manufacturer for windows and doors we are truly excited to have found heroal and their line of products. heroal is a top producer for aluminium profiles and the best supplier we could have asked for. Their staff is knowledgeable, responds to inquiries promptly and will go above and beyond to help their clients. For anyone looking for quality products and customer service heroal is definitely the solution.”

-Hans Loewen Founder & President of HELT-

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