heroal prediction game

Take part in the heroal prediction game for the European Championship 2021. Compete against heroal employees and other heroal customers, prove your football skills as a team and win one of three vouchers for your next team event.

heroal prediction game

Take part and predict the results of the European Football Championship 2021

The UEFA European Football Championship is once again just around the corner. From 11 June to 11 July 2021, in addition to the reigning European football champions Portugal, another 23 national teams will compete to become European champions 2021.

heroal is also looking forward to the tournament and therefore invites you to the heroal prediction game. As a team, you bet on the results of all matches as well as some bonus questions. The members of the best three teams with the highest average score will each win a voucher for a team event.

Register as a team now

Bet with your colleagues in a team and compete against the other teams in the group ranking. Employees of heroal customers and heroal may take part in the heroal prediction game. And this is how it works:

1. Team registration

Register your team by 10 June 2021 using the form below. The registration of the team at the game management has to be done only once. Up to 100 employees per team can participate.

2. Confirmation of registration

The game management will create your team in the prediction game and notify you by e-mail as soon as your team can be selected out of the group list.

3. Invite team members (players)

Invite your employees and colleagues to participate in the prediction game. More information on registering as a player below.

And off you go with the prediction!

Register now as a team member (player)

1. Register

Register with Kicktipp via the website www.kicktipp.com or the app. If you are signing up for the first time, you will need to register for the platform.

Tip: If you would like to join several prediction games via Kicktipp (e.g. with friends or family), please use the same login data. You can join several prediction games via one account and, if you wish, even take over the tips for all prediction games.

2. Select prediction game

Use the menu item "Search for a prediction community" to enter the short name of the prediction game you are looking for and join the prediction game.

Short name of the heroal prediction game "heroal" or direct to www.kicktipp.com/heroal

3. Select team

From the list of groups, select the team you want to bet for. You can only join one team.

4. Let's go

Submit your tips and answer the bonus questions. Bets and bonus questions must be submitted by the time the event kicks off.

Tip: In the app and on the website you can adjust the notification settings so that you never miss a tip.

Further details about the heroal prediction community

  • Kicktipp

    The heroal prediction game is made possible via Kicktipp. Kicktipp can be accessed via the website www.kicktipp.com/heroal and the app.

    The use of Kicktipp is free of charge.

  • Who may participate?

    Employees of all heroal customers as well as heroal employees may take part in the heroal prediction game for the 2021 European Championship. In the group classification, the participants compete in the teams of their company or their heroal specialist department.

    Up to 100 employees per team can participate. We recommend at least 5 or more players per team.

  • International prediction game

    As an international company, the heroal prediction game is open to all international customers. The prediction game is therefore available in the following languages:

    German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch

  • Individual and group ranking

    Individual ranking

    In the individual ranking, everyone fights for themselves. The predictions of each individual player count here. At the end of the European Championship, the ranking shows who has the best prediction results of all players.

    Individual ranking in the teams

    Within the individual ranking you can also determine the best players in your team. Here, the prediction results of each individual also count.

    Group ranking

    In the group ranking, the teams of heroal customers and departments compete against each other. The average score of all team members is evaluated here. A team must consist of 2 or more players to participate in the group ranking.

  • Rules of the heroal prediction game

    All rules of the prediction game can be viewed in the Kicktipp platform or app under the menu item "game rules". The standard rules of the Kicktipp platform apply. The most important rules are:

    • Predicting the exact result. The result "after penalties" will be applied..
    • The following points are awarded for a correct tip: 2 points for the correct tendency, 3 points for the correct goal difference and 4 points for the correct result. In the event of a draw, 2 points will be awarded for the correct tendency and 4 points for the correct result.
    • The betting period ends with the start of the respective event. It is no longer possible to place a bet after the kickoff.
    • The tips of the other players are only visible after the betting time has expired.

  • What is the prize?

    Awards will be given to the three teams with the highest average score in the group ranking. These three teams will receive a voucher for their next team event: 1st prize voucher worth 500 €, 2nd prize voucher worth 300 €, 3rd prize voucher worth 200 €. No prizes will be awarded for the individual ranking.

  • Do you still have questions?

    Feel free to contact us with your questions and send us an email to .