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heroal rs hybrid in front mounted extruded panel system FME 90°

Extremely weather resistant thanks to the high quality, highly weather resistant powder coating.

Thanks to its high quality, highly weather resistant powder coating, the heroal front mounted panel system made of extruded aluminium profiles has extremely weather resistant surfaces with optimum colour stability and retention of gloss.

The spacesaving front mounted panel system – for a minimum height of just 125 mm – with special L-guide loop is ideally suited for fitting in the window soffit and has an inspection opening on the outside. As a result, the extruded heroal front mounted panel system with highly weather resistant powder coating available in a variety of colours is the perfect system solution for retrofitting or renovation.

Cross section

System dimensions

Weight [kg/m2]
Max. width [mm]
Max. height [mm]
Max. area [m2]

Performance characteristics

0,18 ΔR in accordance with EN 13125:2001
4/3* Wind resistance
Resistance to burglary
3** Hail class
Anti-push-up device can be integrated

* with 2000 mm element width

** acc. VKF (Swiss Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies) Test Specifications No. 02. The value reflects the mechanical functional capability.

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