Sun protection systems

Modern sun protection systems must have a high degree of flexibility. They not only provide shade, but also use daylight to light the room, are extremely weather resistant, operate quietly and can be customised to suit individual requirements regarding size and appearance. We will show you what you must be aware of when choosing a sun protection system.

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What makes heroal sun protection solutions stand out?
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A comparison of heroal sun protection systems

What makes heroal sun protection systems stand out?

heroal has looked into the growing requirements architects and consumers place on sun protection systems. As a result, we have developed three products which each have different focal points to perfectly suit your needs. All of our sun protection systems are made in Germany, ift certified and are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes.

Daylight utilisation

The heroal LC daylight system creates cool rooms which are lit with natural light. By controlling individual slats, the incidence of light can be fully customised to suit individual requirements.

The ideal solution: for public spaces such as offices, and also for schools, museums and airports.

Quiet operation

Create ideal lighting conditions without waking up the whole house: The heroal rs hybrid combines the benefits of both the roller shutter and textile sun protection systems. The system operates particularly quietly, is extremely wind-resistant and gives rooms a homely atmosphere.

This allows for a wide range of usage options. Residential buildings are not the only places to benefit from this solution; it can also be used in hotels, care homes and hospitals.

High wind resistance

The heroal VS Z zip-screen system can be made from a range of fabrics, ranging from translucent to opaque. Depending on the fabric, it can reduce solar radiation by up to 75% and UV rays by up to 98%, without a noticeable reduction in daylight.

Quality, made in Germany

heroal products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany. We only use the best aluminium alloys for our sun protection and roller shutter systems. The high-quality powder coating and the double-layer thick coating ensure that our sun protection products are weather resistant and have a long service life.

During production, we make an active contribution to climate protection. We use recycled aluminium and only use water as a foaming agent for the foam filling in our roller shutter slats.

Our sun protection products

Daylight system

Glare-free room lighting
The heroal LC daylight system combines the benefits of a roller shutter and a Venetian blind in a single system.


High wind resistance
The heroal VS Z is available in translucent and opaque versions.

Hybrid solution

Pioneering roller shutter technology
The heroal rs hybrid combines the benefits of sun protection and roller shutters.

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