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Lifting-sliding systems

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heroal aluminium sliding and lifting-sliding systems offer the perfect combination of transparency and heat insulation. A variety of opening types and design options enable planners and architects to combine comfort and functionality. Tried-and-tested heroal technology also ensures optimal performance when it comes to accessibility, air permeability, tightness against driving rain and burglary resistance.

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Unlimited design options

The sliding and lifting-sliding systems from heroal match any style of architecture, whether fixed-vane or all-glass corner. Our systems allow for a smooth transition between rooms.

Furthermore, heroal offers the best service in the sector: from our profile bending and edging service, to in-house testing and various surface finishes (hwr powder coating, double-layer thick coating, textured finish coating, foiling or anodising).

Fully accessible

The heroal DS drainage system, combines full accessibility and protection against moisture damage into a single system for the first time. Thanks to this product, heroal was awarded the BATIMAT Innovation Award 2015 at the Batimat trade fair.

You can learn more about our drainage system here.


Quality, made in Germany

heroal products are developed and manufactured in Germany. For our sliding and lifting-sliding systems, we offer the option of using bending and edging to create a sophisticated design. The high-quality heroal hwr powder coating provides weather and abrasion resistance and long-term colour stability.

We only use recycled aluminium for production. In addition, the company’s large manufacturing range ensures sustainable, maximum product quality and compatibility. This enables us to manufacture products with a long service life.

Which system is right for me?

Here you can see an overview of the different systems. You can also compare their dimensions and features (tightness, soundproofing, burglary resistance, etc.).

Lifting-sliding systems

System comparison:

heroal S 77 SL
heroal S 77 HI
heroal S 77
heroal S 57
  • System dimensions
    Profile depth [mm]
    Frame profile
    heroal S 77 SL 202 heroal S 77 HI 178/279 heroal S 77 178/279 heroal S 57 125/193    
    Leaf profile
    heroal S 77 SL 77 heroal S 77 HI 77 heroal S 77 77 heroal S 57 57    
    Bar profile
    heroal S 77 SL 72 heroal S 77 HI 72 heroal S 77 72 heroal S 57 57    
    Visible profile width [mm] [mm]
    Frame profile
    heroal S 77 SL 40/52 heroal S 77 HI 40/63 heroal S 77 40 - 63 heroal S 57 30 - 48    
    Leaf profile
    heroal S 77 SL 104 heroal S 77 HI 94 - 104 heroal S 77 94 - 104 heroal S 57 90 - 100    
    Bar profile
    heroal S 77 SL 74 - 104 heroal S 77 HI 74 - 104 heroal S 77 74 - 104 heroal S 57 84 - 104    
    System properties
    Glass filling strength [mm]
    heroal S 77 SL 52 heroal S 77 HI 52 heroal S 77 52 heroal S 57 42    
    Max. leaf weight [kg]
    heroal S 77 SL 300 - 400 heroal S 77 HI 150 - 400 heroal S 77 150 - 400 heroal S 57 150 - 250    
    Max. leaf heights [mm]
    heroal S 77 SL 3.000 heroal S 77 HI 3.000 heroal S 77 3.000 heroal S 57 2.100    
  • System properties
    Thermal insulation [Uf in W/m2K] / Profile width [mm]
    heroal S 77 SL >1,2 heroal S 77 HI >2,1 heroal S 77 >2,9 heroal S 57 >3,2    
    Air permeability
    heroal S 77 SL 4 heroal S 77 HI 4 heroal S 77 4 heroal S 57 4    
    Resistance to driving rain
    heroal S 77 SL 9A heroal S 77 HI 9A heroal S 77 9A heroal S 57 5A    
    Wind resistance
    heroal S 77 SL C3/B3 heroal S 77 HI C3/B3 heroal S 77 C3/B3 heroal S 57 C3/B3    
    Soundproofing class
    heroal S 77 SL --- heroal S 77 HI 1-3 heroal S 77 1-3 heroal S 57 ---    
    Resistance to burglary
    heroal S 77 SL RC 2 heroal S 77 HI RC 2 heroal S 77 RC 2 heroal S 57 WK 2    
    Operating forces
    heroal S 77 SL --- heroal S 77 HI --- heroal S 77 --- heroal S 57 ---    
    Impact resistance
    heroal S 77 SL --- heroal S 77 HI --- heroal S 77 --- heroal S 57 ---    
    Load-bearing capacity of safety equipment
    heroal S 77 SL - heroal S 77 HI - heroal S 77 - heroal S 57 -    
    Continuous function
    heroal S 77 SL --- heroal S 77 HI --- heroal S 77 --- heroal S 57 ---    

Sliding systems

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