1 Mar 2022

heroal partner+ customer programme

Verl, March 2022. The aluminium system provider introduced a new customer programme in February 2022: heroal partner+. This programme increases the visibility of specialist partners at all touchpoints with potential customers and job candidates, and makes it easy to provide employees with professional training. It consists of the three modules Marketing, Recruiting and Training. Specialist partners can select individual services, and then get financial and operational support from heroal to implement them.


Customised marketing, recruitment and training for specialist partners

The heroal partner+ customer programme is available to all new and existing heroal customers and replaces the previous Partner Marketing programme. On 1st of March of each year, all participating specialist partners receive their individual heroal partner+ budget (for new customers: at the beginning of the business relationship). The individual budget is recalculated and updated for each year of the programme, based on the heroal partner+ index, which takes different factors into account, for example total sales and growth requirements. The budget can be used for all activities included in the brochure of the customer programme. Even if a specialist partner does not receive a budget, or if a budget has already been used up, this marketing offer is available. All services selected will then be invoiced.

Marketing activities to be more visible to private customers, dealers and architects

For specialist partners dealing with private customers, it is essential to be visible to self builders and renovators, and to convince them in sales talks and consultations. Big companies whose customers are dealers also want to convince and retain them, building long-term customer loyalty. And it is also important for companies in the project business to be visible to investors, builders, architects and expert planners at an early stage. Therefore, the first heroal partner+ module, Marketing, offers numerous marketing activities which can be used to raise interest among customers, or to provide support in sales conversations. The activities on offer include, for example, local online marketing campaigns, newsletters, printed advertisements, jobsite banners or vehicle wrappings. Brochures, online configurators to be integrated into your own website, or exhibits for customer events and showrooms are also available. In addition, it is also possible to create customised advertising material.

Recruiting activities to attract apprentices and skilled staff

The recruitment of qualified skilled workers and junior staff is a major challenge for many companies. With the second heroal partner+ module, Recruiting, heroal offers different online recruitment packages in order to support specialist partners in the search for personnel. The packages include the advertising of open positions on relevant job portals and in social media, in order to reach potential professionally experienced staff or apprentices in the region of the specialist partner directly. Online recruiting packages are available in size S, M and L, and include different job portals and social media channels.

Training offered by heroal Academy for a targeted knowledge build-up

heroal Academy offers a wide range of seminars, e-learning resources and practical workshops. heroal Academy represents the third module of the heroal partner+ customer programme, and enables specialist partners to upskill their own teams with professional training. Training and seminars have been adapted to meet the exact requirements of the industry and the needs of the individual specialist partner. In addition to training on different products, the training catalogue of heroal Academy offers seminars across heroal systems, which aim at building up and expanding specialist knowledge (for example, on subjects such as building law or fire protection). The catalogue also includes seminars on how to use software, such as LogiKal or EOS. If required, individual training can also be made available.

Are you a heroal customer and interested in the heroal partner+ customer programme? Then please get in touch with your heroal sales representative. Further information can also be found on www.heroal.com/partner+ .