7 Jun 2021

heroal Configurator: Configuring and Ordering Finished Elements Online

Verl, May 2021. The company heroal now offers its customers the possibility of configuring and ordering heroal Ready finished elements for roller shutters and sun protection online, via the heroal Configurator. This way, both order entry and order processing have been made faster, easier and safer.


Customers of the aluminium system provider heroal can now use the heroal Configurator to configure heroal Ready finished elements for roller shutters and sun protection online, prepare quotations and place orders directly with heroal - in next to no time. The entire work process has been enhanced.

In the configurator, any number of configurations, projects and quotations can be saved and, if required, modified at a later time. For an increased planning reliability, all configurations are subject to a technical feasibility check after having been entered. They can be saved as favourites in order to use them again for different projects. Projects and quotations are managed by a clearly designed dashboard. Quotations can be sorted using an individual folder structure, and completed projects can be archived, so that the dashboard is kept up-to-date and well-organised.

Also, the heroal Configurator includes updated information on all articles, current sales data and personal terms of purchase. These data provide the basis for all configurations, quotations and orders, so that the error potential is reduced. As an option, sales prices for all positions of a quotation can be automatically calculated via pre-defined parameters, or, alternatively, be entered manually. If required, individual corporate data or free positions (e.g. for installation costs) can be automatically added. These can be saved in “My Articles“, so that they can be accessed again. In order to accelerate the work process, quotations can be created directly in the heroal Configurator.

Via the heroal Communicator (communicator.heroal.de) , heroal’s digital working environment, heroal customers can access the Configurator at any time, even on the way.