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As a system supplier for the entire building shell, from the outset, heroal is interested in protecting people and creating safe living and working spaces. This concerns protection against wind and weather but also protection against intruders. The high-quality system solutions by heroal fulfils all of these requirements. The combination of various measures can create the perfect protection depending on security needs.

SIMPLY BETTER PROTECTED. - heroal systems can provide various solutions depPhnding on personal needs for security and aesthetics

Using Synergies – Security from a One-Stop Shop

heroal systems can provide various solutions depending on personal needs for security and aesthetics. As the only systems supplier which has roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors, windows, doors and curtain walls in its portfolio, heroal provides synergies which can be best complemented in conjunction with building security. heroal systems can, for example, be equipped or retrofitted with up to resistance class RC 3. The combination of security windows heroal W 72 or heroal W 77 and the stainless steel roller shutters heroal RS 37 RC 3 make pioneering burglary resistance of up to RC 4 possible.

Effective Protection Against Burglary

The stainless steel roller blinds are in themselves already a significant product. In Germany, they achieve resistance class RC 3 on inspection for burglary resistance, receive top marks in the hailstone test in Austria, and in the USA achieve the highest category for protection against hurricanes. This high-quality system protects with its exceptional strength and at the same time offers the right look for protection against burglary with style – regardless of whether it is against wind, water, hail or experienced intruders.

Making Security Measurable with Resistance Classes

Every three minutes, a burglary occurs in Germany and the number of attempted burglaries is significantly higher. A large proportion of burglaries, however, are abandoned after 3 minutes. Noise, time and tools play an important role in this.

This is precisely where the DIN-tested resistance classes, RC, come into their own:

  • RC 1 – Basic protection against bodily force such as kicking or tearing out
  • RC 2 – Protection against attempted intrusion using simple tools
  • RC 3 – Increased protection against burglary attempts using additional tools like a crowbar
  • RC 4 – Protection against attempted burglary by experienced perpetrators using electric drills

All these classes can be achieved using heroal systems.

Burglary Resistance in All Classes

Resistance class RC 2 is recommended by police for effective burglary resistance. In the case of a higher value of personal belongings or a higher need for security, class RC 3 is recommended. There are various options for protecting windows and doors: systems tested by RC 3 for windows, doors and curtain walls as well as by heroal roller shutter systems RS 37 RC 3 with integrated anti-push-up device. The combination of stainless steel roller shutters and the window system heroal W 72 or heroal W 77 even fulfils all requirements for resistance class RC 4. In the simulated test, even experienced perpetrators willing to use force, using electric drills, saws and striking tools for a 30-minute period could not enter the building – a time frame in which most perpetrators would have long given up: SIMPLY BETTER PROTECTED.

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