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heroal S 77

The versatile aluminium lift and slide system

Versatility is our speciality: heroal S 77 is a modular profile system with a modern design that fulfils the strictest structural requirements. It offers a wide range of profile face widths, is compatible with other heroal systems and comes with an almost unlimited selection of surfaces.

heroal S 77 can also be used to create multi-track design variants and barrier-free systems. Special leaf profile shapes ensure that all sizes and weights of leaf meet the applicable requirements and regulations for heat insulation. The heroal seal technology with three levels and sealed corners – for leaf and central joint sealing – ensures optimum air permeability and tightness against driving rain.

System dimensions

Profile depth [mm]

Frame profile
Leaf profile
Bar profile

Visible profile width [mm]

Frame profile
40 - 63
Leaf profile
94 - 104
Bar profile
74 - 104

System properties

Glass filling strength [mm]
Max. leaf weight [kg]
150 - 400
Max. leaf heights [mm]

Performance characteristics

  • >2,9 Thermal insulation [Uf in W/m2K] / Profile width [mm]
  • 4 Air permeability
  • >1,1* Heat insulation (Uw in W/m2K) / Profile width [mm]
  • 9A Resistance to driving rain
  • C3/B3 Wind resistance
  • 1-3 Soundproofing class
  • RC 2 Resistance to burglary
  • Operating forces
  • Impact resistance
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Load-bearing capacity of safety equipment
  • Continuous function

* Uw value in accordance with DIN EN 12567-1; calculated using an element size 3,500 x 2,180 mm.

!) Application-specific special approvals for oversized elements from heroal

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