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heroal S 42 HF

Transparent and frame-free

heroal S 42 HF opens up new large dimensions and guarantees maximum transparency with its unique innovative frame construction integrated into the masonry. The sliding casements completely disappear into a double-insulated pocket in the wall, creating a unique spatial experience with maximum transparency.

System dimensions

Profile depth [mm]

Frame profile
Leaf profile
Bar profile

Visible profile width [mm]

Frame profile
Leaf profile
68 - 72
Bar profile

System properties

Glass filling strength [mm]
24 - 28
Max. leaf weight [kg]
Max. leaf heights [mm]

Performance characteristics

  • Thermal insulation [Uf in W/m2K] / Profile width [mm]
  • 4 Air permeability
  • >1,2 Heat insulation (Uw in W/m2K) / Profile width [mm]
  • 8A Resistance to driving rain
  • C2 Wind resistance
  • 3 Soundproofing class
  • Resistance to burglary
  • Operating forces
  • Impact resistance
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Load-bearing capacity of safety equipment
  • Continuous function

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