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Integrated linear surface drainage system

To implement accessible thresholds properly in the area of door elements while offering protection from moisture damage indoors, particular measures need to be taken. One reliable solution is the use of a drainage system that discharges surface water without any back-up. When choosing the correct drainage system, in addition to the expected amount of rainfall, the finish of the exterior surface is an important consideration in planning the necessary removal of surface water for smooth water discharge.

The new, innovative heroal DS drainage system provides building developers, planners and architects with planning security, versatility and cross-trade system solutions.

  • Solutions for all openings with large surface areas in the entrance door, French door and lifting-sliding door system product sectors
  • heroal systems can be combined in many ways, ensuring planning security
  • Effortless integration of structures in both new builds and renovations
  • Surface water is drained without any back-up
  • Drainage performance of approx. 200 l/m as per DN 50 standard
  • Feet can be positioned as required for isolated loads of up to 1.5 t
  • High-grade steel cover in various design options

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