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Glare-free room lighting

The heroal LC daylight system provides visual and thermal comfort, as it allows glare-free room lighting with natural daylight. The system settings allow the best possible view through the shades and the amount of radiated heat is reduced.

The basis for this heroal sun protection system is the geometrical shape of the roll-formed roller shutter slats. Through the 55° louvre angle of the slats, the system achieves optimum light channelling into the room, and also ensures protection from heat.

The system is fully lockable like a roller shutter, and can also fold like a Venetian blind. Sophisticated folding technology controls the stable, doublewalled slats. This innovative magnetic technology ensures the control of individual slats as well as the entire blind. The system is controlled using an electronic roller shutter motor.

Further system advantages

  • Particularly quiet curtain operation
  • Quiet, convenient folding function
  • 55° louvre angle for optimum lighting of space
  • Uses many of the same parts as roller shutters
  • Maximum measurements of 2300 mm x 2500 mm possible
  • Highly weather-resistant and low-maintenance
  • Stability and heat insulation match the values achieved by a roller shutter

System dimensions

Coverage width [mm]
Nominal thickness [mm]
Weight [kg/m2]
Max. width [mm]
Max. height [mm]
Max. area [m2]

Performance characteristics

  • 0,19 ΔR in accordance with EN 13125:2001
  • 4* Wind resistance
  • Resistance to burglary
  • 4** Hail damage
  • Anti-push-up device can be integrated

* for 2300 mm element width and LC guide

** hail class according to VKF test stipulations no. 2 roller shutter, version 1.02. The value reflects the mechanical functional capability.

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