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heroal D 50 C

Efficient solutions for door and dividing elements for indoor use

heroal D 50 C enables a variety of opening types for attractive, highly functional door and dividing elements and dividing wall systems, particularly in indoor areas. Wide range of designs provided by variable, flush exterior views.

Design options

  • Opening types: single- and double-casement inward and outward opening swing doors; push-pull doors, single- and double-casement all-glass doors, automatic doors
  • Casement frame sealing with a lowerable floor seal or with a barrier-free flat threshold and brush seal
  • Tried-and-tested variably retractable sealing system for frame and casement profiles
  • System-compatible window system: heroal W 50 C
  • Colour design with high-quality hwr powder coating

System dimensions

Profile depth [mm]

Frame profile
53 - 150
Leaf profile
Bar profile

Visible profile width [mm]

Frame profile
53 - 150
Leaf profile
73 - 95
Bar profile
68 - 250

System properties

Glass filling strength [mm]
Max. leaf weight [kg]
Max. leaf widths [mm]
1.350 / 2.250
Max. leaf heights [mm]

!) Application-specific special approvals for oversized elements from heroal

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