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heroal sun protection systems

heroal presents sun protection area at R+T 2015

Stuttgart / Verl, February 2015. heroal is presenting its new sun protection business area – including product-related services – alongside roller shutter and roller door systems on an area of over 530 square metres at R+T 2015.The product portfolio from the building shell system supplier now also includes system solutions for sun protection. "We are offering our partners the opportunity to open up new markets with innovative external shading options," says Konrad Kaiser, Managing Director of heroal.

heroal sun protection systems – ground-breaking and unique
Alongside the heroal rs hybrid roller shutter and sun protection system, heroal has developed two additional sun protection systems: the innovative heroal LC daylight system and the new heroal VS Z system – a zip screen. The new sun protection business area will also continue to follow the successful business model of supplying high-quality system products to heroal partners, who use these systems to produce durable finished elements.

With the new developments, heroal’s goal is to make more efficient use of natural daylight. "In the area of sun protection we have concentrated on integrating more natural light into everyday life and above all into everyday working life. This leads to greater balance and well-being," explains Konrad Kaiser.

The innovative heroal LC daylight system
At the heart of the heroal LC daylight system is the innovative magnetic technology. Sophisticated folding technology is used to link sturdy double-walled slats to form an extremely wind-resistant sun protection system (95 km/h). The system also enables light channelling in sub-sections: the slats, which have a view width of 41 mm, can be controlled individually and provide protection from heat at the same time. This provides glare-free zones, without having to do without daylight from outside. This innovation is based on the geometric shape of the slats. The heroal LC daylight system functions even at high wind speeds of up to 95 km/h – the system does not need to be retracted until this point is reached. This has been verified by testing in accordance with EN 13659 in the in-house testing centre and in the wind tunnel at TU Dresden.

This high-quality glare, privacy and heat protection can be adapted for any window height and features particularly quiet operation. The large range of colours and the high-quality heroal coating technology also ensure that the heroal LC system can be easily integrated into any architecture.

heroal VS Z – the new zip screen
The versatile heroal VS Z can be made from fabrics ranging from translucent to opaque and reflects a large proportion of solar radiation. Depending on the type of fabric, solar radiation can be reduced by up to 75%. This also lowers costs for air-conditioning and reduces UV rays by up to 98%. A pleasant indoor climate is therefore guaranteed on hot days and at the same time, glare, privacy and heat protection is provided without losing too much light. The system constitutes external sun protection and is only installed as a motorised version. Its construction also makes it possible for the heroal VS Z system to be used for small windows – without the loss of active window area. Further benefits are offered in the form of simple installation, long service life and the small space-saving box. Thus, a window height of 3 m only requires a box system height of 95 mm.

The heroal VS Z meets the growing demands placed on external sun protection: high wind resistance for up to 145 km/h, shading of large glass areas and diverse colour designs. Elements with a width of up to 6 m and an area of 15 square metres can be used.

heroal rs hybrid roller shutter and sun protection system
The heroal rs hybrid combines the benefits of roller shutters and sun protection. It provides the glare protection of a high-quality textile sun protection blind, even with only partial shading, while also offering the weather resistance and security of an aluminium roller shutter. The water- and dirt-repellent fabric on the inside creates a cosy appearance and is also easy to care for, which means that the system is particularly durable. The heroal rs hybrid also benefits from a very small winding diameter and almost silent operation, meaning that it can be integrated easily into any installation situation. Its insulation properties mean that annoying noise from outside – such as from traffic or wind – is muffled effectively. If combined with thermally insulated heroal window and curtain wall systems, the heroal rs hybrid can reduce the heat loss of windows by as much as 44% –saving energy and cutting building overheads. With these features, heroal gives its partners the opportunity to break into new business segments such as hotels and hospitals.

heroal – the aluminium systems supplier
As a leading supplier of aluminium systems, heroal develops and produces perfectly coordinated systems for windows, doors, façades, roller shutters, roller doors and sun protection. Folding and sliding shutters, insect protection, terrace roofs and carports round off the product range. By minimising energy consumption during production, maximising energy conservation during usage as well as ensuring optimum profitability during system manufacturing and an increase in the value of the building, heroal system solutions make a significant contribution to sustainable construction.

Innovation, service, design, sustainability
The heroal brand represents system solutions that unite practical innovations, industry-leading service and high-quality design that can be sustainably integrated into any architecture.

Over 800 employees across the company work continually to further develop the systems and optimise the quality of heroal’s service and performance.

The heroal brand stands for premium quality made in Germany – certified according to ISO EN 9001. heroal products and systems are produced and assembled exclusively at heroal's German production sites – at its headquarters in Verl and also in Hövelhof.