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The window system of today and tomorrow

January 2017 - The new standard of the window system heroal W 77: low installation depth of only 77 mm awarded with the passive house certificate from the Institute of Dr. Feist. Thanks to the intelligent combination of geometry and material, heroal achieves greater energy savings while utilising less materials.

Intelligent combination

We all face the challenge of conserving resources and making intelligent use of them. Architects and investors are planning, designing and constructing the buildings of the future, while focusing on energy and cost efficiency. heroal fulfils the demands of the future with the heroal W 77 window system today. Thanks to the insulation geometry, the window system has a construction depth of only 77 mm of certified passive house components from the Passivhaus Institut and has the lowest overall depth of all certified aluminium composite systems. The compact design is also the basis for the best test results all along the line. For example, class 5 was achieved during overall shock resistance testing.

Design and implementation in accordance with requirements

Thanks to its modular design, the heroal W 77 window system can be tailored for individual planning: The heroal W 77 HI window system at a depth of 77 mm and with the view width of 120 mm U f value of 0.95 W/m²K. The heroal W 77 PH window system achieved a larger view width of 180 mm with a U f value of 0.78 W/m²K without additional insulation measures or a front shell due to the larger viewing width. The window could also be designed as a barrierfree French door with a motorised and concealed drive.

Enhanced anti-break-in protection

Not only does it provide protection against heat and cold, it also protects from criminal intrusions. The heroal W 77 window system combined with the heroal RS 37 RC 3 stainless steel roller shutter makes it particularly difficult for burglars to gain entry. Thanks to strong armour, high-rise protection and reinforced guide rails on the side of the stainless steel roller shutter and mushroom head locks, as well as lockable window handles on the heroal W 77 window system, enhanced class RC 4 protection is achieved.