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Sophisticated ventilation flap - heroal W 72 VF

January 2017 - Fresh air even at high altitudes - with the new sophisticated heroal W 72 VF ventilator flap, users can easily ventilate the space naturally or choose to have the building cooled automatically at night.

Sophisticated optics with the highest functionality

heroal W 72 VF ventilation wing with narrow viewing widths of 110 and 190 mm integrates inconspicuously into the façade construction as a high-level opening element. Due to its small opening width, it avoids the need for fall protection and permits a homogeneous design of the façade. The inconspicuous ventilation flap nevertheless sets deliberate narrow colour accents, and allows the heroal surface coating to be customised according to client requirements. High-heat insulated wings and concealed fittings combine the highest functionality with thermal insulation and burglar protection.

Proven heroal technologies

Distortion-inflammatory profile construction has been integrated into this system in addition to the circumferential seal system for optimum thermal values. This allows the elements to open and close smoothly even at heights of up to 3 m. System compatibility is provided with a depth of 72 mm. The ventilation flap can be combined with the heroal C 50 façade system, heroal D 72 door system and heroal S 77 SL sliding door system.