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Intelligent solutions for all types of buildings

January 2017 - heroal, building envelope system provider will present its solutions for various building types and their requirements at BAU 2017 in Munich. Besides the systems for windows, doors and facades, heroal also offers combinations with sun protection products and blinds.

Shaping the future

Homes for private builders, buildings for companies, as well as the public sector or objects with a high demand for architectural design: Depending on the focus and usage, different needs come at the forefront, which heroal systems satisfy in the most optimal manner.

Architecturally unique - yet secure

Large glass surfaces, wide spaces and narrow structures - these are the requirements for the objects. Even the designers of the V-Tower in Prague also fulfil these requirements: Large-area openings were implemented in more than 33 floors with lifting-sliding doors heroal S 77 SL and heroal W 72 system window elements. The possibility of indoor glazing and using heroal services to optimally handle production, delivery and assembly processes were of particular importance to this project. Therefore, heroal took over object-specific design services: The fixed panels of the lifting-sliding system were given the appearance of a facade construction and element production was also optimised. In the shortest possible time, the solution was jointly developed and all the necessary proof of system performance was provided on the heroal test bench accredited by Ift Rosenheim.

Completely equipped with heroal systems

For objects like the Monheimer Music School, colour and system compatibility of great importance. Windows, doors and continuous surrounding facades were implemented with heroal solutions and offer a great atmosphere for musicians. Special attention was paid to soundproofing. The sound insulation requirements were between 33 dB and 45 dB in the installed state. Once again, a new solution could be installed with the help of existing extensive noise protection tests.

Sport residence with a view

Panoramic view of the Alps - large glass surfaces were used for this reason: approximately 350 m2 façade, window and door elements provide for a great view in addition to the large liftng-and-sliding doors. Fire protection doors also guarantee the necessary security precautions. Since wind, heavy rain and snowfall are a common occurrence in the Alps, the requirements for impact resistance were particularly high here. heroal was also able to combine all these requirements in this building in an optimal manner.