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heroal - simply better.

Munich / Verl, January 2015. Brief and concise - From January 19th to 24th, 2015, aluminium system company heroal will be presenting itself in Munich at the top international fair for architecture, materials and systems with a clear message for the trade fair “Simply better.”

“Our goal was to consolidate the system advantages of heroal as concisely as possible. This led to a catchy slogan which combines the two main aspects of heroal’s identity,” explains managing director Konrad Kaiser.

Simple: Reducing complexity
As a technological market leader in modular aluminium systems for the building shell, heroal focuses on engineering which creates maximum efficiency for its customers. This means simplifying complex systems as much as possible. Thanks to a high degree of industrial prefabrication at heroal’s factories, customers can make complex building elements from relatively few individual parts. This reduces not only the need for training at partner companies, it also reduces processing expenditures for tools and machines.

Better: Setting quality standards
The second aspect is the highest standard in German-made quality. This is the result of years of work with leading suppliers and a high degree of vertical manufacturing. heroal also achieves this by using its own proprietary machines developed in-house. As a leader in technology, heroal also places great value in maximum standards for the services offered to parties such as investors, architects and engineers. This includes colouring the systems with its multi-award-winning coating technology. heroal hwr powder coating meets the requirements of Qualicoat Class 2 and GSB’s Master Quality – in compliance with all ecological requirements. The specialists at heroal also offer in-house profile bending and chamfering service with state-of-the-art technology so that the company can react quickly to any additional requests and provide top quality in doing so. The cutting edge logistics centre ensures quick delivery with short reaction times with its fully automatic high-bay warehouses and its own fleet of trucks.

“Simply better.” – for any requirement
These are the advantages which make up heroal: The modular solutions for the building shell are “simply better” – that’s the message which the slogan projects. They meet any and all requirements which building owners and investors may have and are continuously being optimized. Production processes are also becoming more and more efficient while conserving more and more energy at the same time, thanks to sustainable and intelligent technologies developed in-house. “In addition, we offer our customers all the benefits that come with a family-owned company,” adds managing director Kaiser. “These include short decision-making channels, high individual responsibility and dependability, paired with untiring readiness to set new standards.”