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heroal at BAU 2015 - Simply better

Munich / Verl, January 2015. The unique trade fair message "Simply better." is the guiding principle for all developments for heroal systems, components and materials. With a clearer focus, we can achieve more.

Simply better – concentrating on the essentials.
Simple: heroal reduces system complexities and simplifies processing. Thanks to its unique innovative bar geometry, the heroal W 72 window system achieves the best insulation values without the need to install frame and glazing rebate insulation. The number of components is also reduced by around 70% in the threshold area of heroal door systems, guaranteeing efficient processing.

Better: maximum quality and maximum system reliability through a high degree of industrial prefabrication, the consistent use of identical parts, excellent coating technology and extensive services.

At BAU 2015, heroal will showcase the following developments for window, door and curtain wall systems:

  • heroal zero-barrier – the innovative heroal threshold solution
  • heroal DS drainage system – the integrated linear surface drainage system
  • heroal D 72 door system – commercial and front door systems
  • heroal D 92 UD front door system – certified for passive houses
  • heroal S 77 SL lifting-sliding system – maximum transparency
  • heroal W 72 window system – ecological and innovative
  • heroal W 65 window system – the system for the international market

Innovative heroal threshold solution: accessibility or zero-barrier
Zero-barrier and universal designs are requirements that are being stressed when planning and executing construction projects.

The zero-barrier threshold allows free passage through doors, also enabling access for people with disabilities. This eliminates the limitations caused by the installation position of the entrance doors, which is often unprotected from wind and rain, and therefore requires technically unavoidable threshold variants. The innovative heroal zero-barrier can be used for commercial and front doors that open inwards and outwards. The heroal D 72 door system with the integrated zero-barrier threshold combined with the new heroal DS drainage system provides a system solution for any weather condition.

The heroal DS drainage system – the integrated linear surface drainage system
Specific measures need to be taken in order to implement accessible thresholds whilst offering protection from moisture damage indoors. The new heroal DS drainage system is an ideal and innovative solution. At the heart of this development lies the new basic profile, which allows the linear drainage system to be connected. It discharges up to 200 litres per metre of surface water under a high-grade steel cover without causing any back-up. The clip-on basic profile contains an attachment for the attachment foil, which guarantees waterproofing of buildings. Regardless of the type of opening – an inwards or outwards opening, constructed with framed casement frames or a base profile – the innovative drainage system is the ideal solution for all entrance doors, French doors and lifting-sliding doors, both in new buildings and renovations. The compatibility of heroal systems guarantees the use of this drainage system, which is suitable for all systems, for all large openings in the heroal D 72 door systems, heroal W 72 window systems and the heroal S 77 lifting-sliding systems.

The D 72 door system: heroal commercial and front door systems
In addition to compatibility with the heroal drainage system and the option to connect the heroal zero-barrier, manufacturing technology such as sealant injection for corner and T-connectors has been integrated in the heroal D 72 door system. The heroal connection technology ensures a closed sealing level for increased security at joints, whilst using less material. Use of the T-connector technology to quickly and efficiently connect the threshold produces maximum connection stability between the frame and door threshold and ensures ease of transport and installation. Thanks to these developments, this system can be used universally as a front door or commercial door.

The heroal D 72 door system offers a variety of design options for front door manufacturers. Individual colours can be requested and there are various infill options: infill panels can be attached in the form of an infill, a one-sided exterior casement-enclosing, a bonded or a reversible fixture.

Tested door solutions for emergency exits and escape routes allowing for approval in accordance with EN 179/1125 can be implemented with the heroal D 72 commercial door. Durable fitting variants are a given, even with frequent use and maximum production sizes.

Maximum profile variety (profile choice), modular construction, compatibility with heroal W 72 window systems, integration into the heroal C 50 curtain wall system, a patented, warp-resistant compound, as well as various combinations of mechanical and electronic fitting components, can be delivered directly for both variants. The heroal door fittings are compatible with the latest technologies, such as keyless entry and Bluetooth. The electrical drives also increase the ease of use of the door element.

The heroal D 92 UD front door system – certified for passive houses
heroal is showcasing its solution for a passive-house-certified aluminium front door system: with no additional components and a profile installation depth considerably below 100 mm. The heroal D 92 UD front door system achieved outstanding values in the ift test certificate for comfort, temperature and heat transfer. Other quality attributes alongside this unique heat insulation include the innovative reversible infill panel attachment and fewer components in the lower door area for efficient processing and maximum system reliability. The strict separation between the fitting groove and the insulating and sealing levels guarantees outstanding performance features. The heroal fitting technology is a key component of the modular design. heroal was one of the first aluminium system suppliers to successfully test all system components to the higher burglary resistance level RC 3. This certificate is independent of the infill options associated with this system and can be implemented for built-in, one-sided and double-sided bonded, as well as reversible, casement-enclosing infill panels.

The high-quality heroal S 77 SL lifting-sliding system for maximum transparency
For complex construction situations, the heroal S 77 lifting-sliding system has been extended to include the heroal S 77 SL (shape line) system. The integration of the fixed glazing (monorail) instead of a fixed casement and the manufacturing option of all-glass corner solutions for inner and outer corners provide planners and architects with the basis for creating a generous sense of space. This result: a new architectural design element that allows for a smooth transition between rooms and creates a harmonised balance between design, maximum comfort and functionality.

In addition to the proven heroal casement geometry, which fulfils all heat insulation requirements for all casement leaf sizes and weights, the well-known heroal technologies ensure optimum performance features, also with regard to air permeability and tightness against driving rain. The efficient central joint seal with 4 sealing levels and additional wind-stop meets the most stringent requirements. Furthermore, the heroal DS drainage system can also be integrated with the new heroal S 77 SL system.

heroal W 72 window system – ecological and innovative
The heroal W 72 window system offers maximum flexibility and functionality and provides the highest level of sustainability through the innovative thermal break geometry. Thanks to this unique bar geometry, the system achieves the best Uw-values and maximum loading capacity with an installation depth of 72 mm for frames and 84 mm for casements, even without the use of frame and glazing rebate insulation. The glazing seals and the large-volume internal seals with multi-chamber technology are available in highly insulated and standard variants. This modular application enables optimum use of energy and resources, therefore ensuring maximum energy and cost efficiency over the entire service life. A bar variant made from renewable raw materials offers exceptional sustainability.

The French doors in the heroal W 72 system can naturally be combined with the heroal DS drainage system.

heroal W 65 window system – the system for the international market
The efficient heroal W 65 window system is characterised by its high quality and functionality and fulfils the requirements of the international market in particular. The essential development at the heart of this system is the integration of proven heroal technology in a manner that conforms with market requirements. Using the heroal corner angle, connector and internal seal technology, a considerable amount of time and resources can be saved during processing, whilst ensuring maximum heroal system reliability.

For instance, the corner cleating technology is screwable. An improved U-value was achieved by using new glazing seals, whereby these are available in highly insulated and standard variants. The further development of this system has allowed heroal to strengthen its international focus.