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Undamaged despite impact of hail

Institute for Fire Protection and Safety Research tests the hail resistance classes of heroal roller shutter and roller door systems

Stuttgart / Verl, February 2015. Over the last few years the intensity and frequency of storms has increased significantly. Current climate studies indicate that more frequent and severe weather extremes should be expected over the coming decades. Hail storms in particular very quickly cause massive damage to building shells. According to the German Insurance Association, the hailstorms between summer and early autumn 2013 alone brought about property insurance damages amounting to 3.1 billion euros. This makes the use of hail-resistant construction products increasingly important for building economical and futureproof constructions. heroal has therefore had the hail resistance of various roller shutter and roller door systems tested.

These tests were very successful. The tested systems achieved hail resistance classes (HW) of between 3 and 7. During so-called hail resistance testing at the Institut für Brandschutzsicherheit und Sicherheitsforschung Ges.m.b.H., (IBS, Austrian Institute for Fire Protection and Safety Research), a hail simulation machine was used to pneumatically accelerate standardised balls of ice and "fire" them at the test objects. The speeds match the natural speed of falling hail stones. The tests carried out range from class HW 1 with a ball of diameter of 10 mm, up to class HW 7 with a ball of diameter of 70 mm and a maximum impact speed of 140 km/h. The hailstone size and impact speed are crucial considerations when determining the strain on the building shell.

Roller door systems: function remains unhindered
Both the curtain and the guide rail were tested for the heroal RD 75 roller door system. During bombardment with a 70 mm ball of ice weighing 156 g, the guide rail achieved hail resistance class 7. The curtain was bombarded with a 60 mm ball of ice weighing 98 g and fired at 121 km/h, and was classified as HW 6. Normally, substantial economic damages would result under these conditions. In this case however, the function of heroal's curtain and guide rail was not impaired.

Roller shutter systems: highest resistance classes achieved
For the heroal roller shutter systems, the curtain, guide rail and porch box were tested. The porch box of the heroal FMR 45° roll-formed box system was mechanically unaffected during bombardment with balls of ice that had diameters of up to 60 mm, and thus achieved hail resistance class 6. The extruded heroal FME systems even achieved hail resistance classes above 7. A ball of ice weighing 58 g with a diameter of 50 mm was fired at the HTF guide rail. The mechanics achieved hail resistance class 5. The curtain for the heroal RS 37 was tested with a ball of ice weighing 30 g and fired at a speed of 110 km/h. The curtain was not mechanically compromised and received HW 4 classification. The heroal RS 37 RC 2 curtain slat was bombarded with balls of ice weighing 160 g with a diameter of 70 mm and fired at 133 km/h. It was awarded classification HW 6.

High-grade steel roller shutter neither visually nor mechanically affected
For the RS 37 RC 3 burglar-resistant high-grade steel roller shutter, bombardment with a 160 g ball of ice at 134 km/h did not leave a mark. It was completely unaffected, visually as well as mechanically. This roller shutter reached the highest hail resistance class of HW 7.

Hail resistance classes apply to the entire colour palette of the heroal systems
Thanks to the high-performance and award-winning heroal surface coating, hail classifications apply regardless of the colour of roller door or roller shutter systems – this includes the highly weather-resistant (hwr) powder coating or 2-layer thick coating.

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