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Stay on the safe side with heroal

January 2017 - A feeling of security and protected privacy are the basic requirements - whether in private homes, at work or in industrial buildings. heroal offers an aluminium system house with the safety technology for many challenges of the building envelope.

Straight windows on the ground floor are popular attack points for burglars. Therefore, police recommends the use of windows with resistance class RC 2 that will prevent perpetrators from intruding. If, however, the local conditions are such that undisturbed action is possible even with loud tools, an even more effective protection can be necessary.

Safety - heroal hardware system

Thanks to the modular design, heroal hardware system can be quickly and easily upgraded with burglar-resistant glazing up to resistance class RC 3. Even the basic version is equipped with a high level of basic security and comfort features. This includes roll-bearing adjustable mushroom head locks and a safety lever for standard equipment. Thanks to integration of more anti-burglary locking points, the intrusion points are harder for burglars to detect.

Easy to combine - twice as secure

Window systems heroal W 72 and W 77, as well as stainless steel roller shutter heroal RS 37 RC 3, achieve a break-in resistance of resistance class RC 3 when tested by ift Rosenheim. By combining these, you can even obtain resistance class RC 4. Even experienced, violent perpetrators with battery drills, a saw and striking tools are not capable of entering the building for 30 minutes of the relevant test period. This is the time frame that is typically enough for most perpetrators to abandon their attempts.

RC 4 = heroal stainless steel roller shutters and heroal window system with RC 3

heroal stainless steel roller shutter RS 37 RC 3 with its stable armour, high security level and reinforced guide rails makes it difficult for intruders to break through the window. The double-walled stainless steel bars are extremely stable and durable. heroal underlying W 72 or W 77 window system protects against invaders with RC mushroom head locks and lockable window handles. The fittings hold at least one tonne of pressure. That way, the safety technology is invisible from the outside. "Thanks to its aesthetics and exceptional durability, stainless steel is perfectly suitable for burglary protection with style," explains heroal Product Manager Manuel Vergers.

Secure your front door

heroal door systems combine high safety requirements and functional use. heroal corresponding safety locks in combination with a swivel hook and bolt locking make it possible to achieve increased protection. The large selections of tested fitting combinations, up to RC 3, give architects and builders planning freedom - provisions for escape and rescue routes are also considered.

Make the heroal façade burglar-proof

Design of modern building concepts calls for large glass surfaces and slender profiles. This type of construction is often in conflict with the issue of burglary, since larger viewing widths are required depending on the desired resistance class. heroal façade systems quickly and easily increase protection against break-ins, since they achieve resistance class RC 3 without any visual changes.

Reduce the risk of burglary with heroal fire protection systems

heroal fire protection systems meet the highest standards of safety, noise protection, design and economy. Through combining the profiles with heroal fittings and burglar resistant glazing, heroal fire protection systems can be quickly and easily upgraded for burglar protection. The system achieves resistance class RC 3.